Jamiroquai finish 14 in UK Music Week chart

Added on Monday 01 May 2006, 18:56 (BST)

On UK commercial radio stations today (Monday), a chart was broadcast which celebrated an "ultimate top 40 of UK artists."  After asking the public for votes, I'm pleased to report that Jamiroquai finished a very respectible 14th in the countdown, broadcast as part of UK Music Week.

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Well done Jamiroquai. I missed it because I dipped in and out now and again. But I am suprised they didn't do better.

great achievement!!!

now..... SPICE GIRLS are still alive???

I would definitely not take #14 as any form of true reflection of Jamiroquai's Status amongst UK artists. Arctic Monkeys/Will Young/Sugababes to name a few, are fairly new on the scene, therefore have alot of younger listeners, whom I mite add, have alot more access to voting etc.. How anyone can have Will Young as #1 is totally beyond me but I guess that proves my point!

:) No I don't think they're still alive Funkynic!
Yes, it's respectable but I never heard any song of Will Young or Arctic monkeys....
But for me, Jamiroquai will always be #1!

It's good to see that Jamiroquai were somewhere in the chart, i was fearing they wouldn't and to be in the top 20 is great. But like everyone else has said, it doesn't mean much especially when the top 10 is full of cheesy pop music that little kids vote for- how can the Sugababes be no.8 (or something like that) when they haven't sold half as many records as Jamiroquai have? Still Radio 1 did justice 2day by playing the live versh of Canned Heat twice (can't believe it)and Love Foolosophy!

well done,but means nothing 4 what was at number one,pehaps they asked no1 over the age of 15???im not sure where they placed,do's any1 no where/if the verve featured? please let me know,the deserve top 10 simply 4 bitersweet symphony,the greatest (non jamiroquai LOL) song of all time,cheerz

keep it funky:)

I don't even know the winner! Who is that Will Young?? He is not a good ambassador of Britain in France! Leave the place for masters, naughty boy! Jamiroquai would be better! Grrrr I don't agree with this chart! LOL
Love, Kisses and support from France when you are the 1st in our hearts Jamiroquai!

I'm glad to see that I'm not the only french who don't know this Will Young!!!
He's not very Famous in our country!

Beverley Knight used to perform as back vocals on Jamiroquai's concert and now she takes #10 while , JAM #14..? and are you telling me that Will Young, Sugabebes and Spice girls are any **** way better then Jamiroquai, Paul Mcrtney, Oasis, Queen , Pink Floyd, George Michael, Sting ....????

BIG LOL @ the chart !! it should never have been posted... Shame ..

@Stillness in Time - Richard Ashcroft came in at around number 35.
Ana - Beverley Knight recently starred on one of these Celebrity programmes on BBC1 - I believe that's raised her profile, hence no.10.
I thought the position was VERY respectful, considering the people who would be posting - and if you look at the calibre of the artists coming in higher up the chart.
Nice bank holiday listening. :).

I don't know if David's able to put up the short preview to Space Cowboy - Jay talks for around 2 minutes - I don't know if this is an old interview that's been rehashed or something specifically recorded for this chart.

congrats on the Cred

#14 is not bad at all. they made the top half atleast. and while i'm not a beatles fan, i do recognize their contribution to music and their ability to be passed down through generations, which most music can't - - and they got 34 out of 40? that's a d*mn shame!

This chart doesn't mean nothing musically speaking. Jamiroquai can be at the end of chart, it will be always the best band of the 90's with the Red Hot ! Cheers

Right Funkadelic! I'm behind you 110%...Charts NEVER mean a thing...all they probe is that the n1 band is popular. But popular is not necesarily good, right?...In fact, is very often exactly the oposite...
JAM allways n1, no matter what anyone says!!!!!


About the Stilness in time comment NOT all the teenages likes this cheesy pop music not because you´re 15 you have to be an ignorant of the good music, I´m 15 and I absolutely adore Jamiroquai it´s my favorite band, I think it´s not about the age it´s more about the culture and the decade for example back in the 70´s and 80´s the kids listened to good music but now in the 90´s with this new "artists" if I can call them that, such as Britney Spears,the Backstreet boys,the Sugerbabes and now resently the reggaeton whom all I detest,the kids have lost that good taste and prefer the look rather than the voice and lyrics. Still a 14 place on that cheesy chart is great and I hope the rest of the kids open they´re ears and really notice the kind of music they´re listen and then Jamiroquai and Radiohead will be on the top
cheers and keep it funky

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