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Added on Sunday 30 April 2006, 19:09 (BST)

I have posted some messages here in the past about Real, the band set up by ex-Jamiroquai bandmember Winston Rollins, and wanted to post a message to let people know that their debut album, entitled Give Me A Reason, has recently been released in the UK.

Current Jamiroquai percussionist Sola Akingbola plays on seven tracks on the album so rest assured that there's some great rhythym behind the music. The album is available from all good record stores including online stores such as iTunes UK and

If you see the band live (they have some UK gigs coming up soon) you'll also find ex-Jamiroquai live keyboard player Simon Carter playing with the group - so expect to see some great talented musicians in intimate settings who truly know how to entertain a crowd.

For more information about the band, visit their website at 

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need to check out that...;-)

Ahhh... Winston Rollins and his terrific solo in stillness in time... The good old days ! Anyway, I can't wait to hear his new work ! I know this boogie is for REAL ;)

Sounds interesting! Not that I am bored of Jamiroquai, but there will never be enough songs for my hungry little ears! I'm gonna check it out :)

Checked out the tracks on iTunes and have to say that it seems somebody has been listening to "Feels Just Like it Should" and "Tallulah" one too many times...

I've heard "Give me a reason", and it's just amazing...
2 jamiroquai ex-members feautured on the album, Winston Rollins and Simon Carter, and the actual Sola Akingbola!


they sound very good i also herd give me a reason, thanks to funkeducation!

too bad i cant download it for I tunes!:(

'Jamiraquoi' indeed ./.

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