Dubai press coverage continues

Added on Thursday 13 April 2006, 18:13 (UTC)

I have to say that I am really impressed by the amount of press coverage surrounding Jamiroquai's Dubai concert that is being held probably right now as I write this.  Some more snippets of information from Wednesday's press conference have been published by the Khaleej Times Online website.

Here are some more questions and answers from the band... 

Having a band of members from varied backgrounds, how does that mix influence the music Jamiroquai makes?

Being a band still allows us to be individualistic, bringing in our creative vibes and inclinations. Derrick's taste in music has an influence of reggae that becomes part and parcel of Jamiroquai's music though that does not mean we are trying to make reggae music. It is the personal and individualistic touch and flavour that every band member brings in that really spices up out music and makes the band more wholesome and complete. We work on complimenting each other and not beat each other out.

Do you think Jay Kay is the only one from the band who gets most of the media attention? If so, are you comfortable with that?

Well we enjoy the anonymity! (Laughs)

Earlier on, the band mentioned even the line up of the group had not changed Jamiroquai's music would still sound the same. Does this mean that maybe Jay Kay has more control?

Each musician has a different personality and that is in sync with the overall persona of the band. However, we play like a team and Jay Kay maybe our striker but we also have mid-fielders and we also need to play defence. So all in all it’s the package that works.

Do you think Jay Kay will go solo?

Ha-Ha....Wish he would! (Laughs)

Read the full story at the Khaleej Times Online website.

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