Sony contract to end after Greatest Hits album

Added on Thursday 23 February 2006, 14:21 (UTC)

According to the Mirror newspaper (UK), Jay's contract with Sony will end after the next album release - which will be a Greatest Hits CD.  The paper writes...

JAY Kay is planning the party to end all parties. His Sony contract is ending after a greatest hits album, and he intends to celebrate. "I was in LA and I could have shown them a thing or two about getting a party going!"

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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Nooooooooo! Que no eran 8 albums??? Damn!!

Esta noticia no es tan nueva....
Ya había salido que Jay Kay no quería hacer el album de grandes éxitos, pero que Sony se lo pedía. Como Jay Kay ya sea aburrió de Sony, dijo que les iba a dar el álbum que querían para terminar luego el contrato, y que se iba a dedicar a grabar solo y publicar por internet.

noooooooooooooooo iz ther gonna b no more jamiroquai?!?!?!!

Interesting to see what will come after the contract is up!!! Hopefully bigger and better than ever!!!!

Oh, and can I be invited to the party?

OIgan! banda mexicana!..
ya van dos personas diferentes que me dijeron que en la estacion de Alfa Radio 91.3 dijeron que jamiroquai viene a Mexico entre marzo y abril...
sera cierto???, no lo se pero a mi me han hecho el dia... asi que hay que investigar... si lo dijeron es por algo.

ojala valeiroquai yo la verdad no he escucho alfa y he estado buscando en las paginas de ocesa fila0 y ticketmaster y nada de nada aun .. espero que se confirme pronto todo que me tienen con nervios .. saludos a esa banda mexicana, que no caiga el aguante ...

Ojala q sea cierto lo que dijeron en Alfa, yo no la escucho ni por error pero al menos ponen musica en ingles asi que ojala que vengan, bye paisanos!

a greatest hits?! they've only done 6 albums!

Pues yo tambien espero que eso sea cierto, pero les juro que si lo dijeron.. yo tampoco esucho Alfa sino lo confirmarai. Pero una amiga ayer me dijo que esucho,
y yo pense que bromeaba.. y justo otra amiga me dijo lo mismo, que anunciaron concierto en mexico!!!!!!!!!!
rezemos por que se nos haga el milagruito...

Actually, the DVD counts as the 6th. So, Dynamite is the 7th... and Greatest Hits... the last and 8th.

D! (dyego)

Congratulations! but what's that greatest hits?

Ojala que Jamiroquai vaya a Mexico. Yo soy chilango y vivo en Seattle. Pero tuve que ir a San Francisco el Nov pasado para poderlos ver en el Fillmore.

No puedo creer que vayan a Bogota Colombia y no a Mexico!

The GH album isn't going to excite me too much. And it is with some apprehension that I can see the light at the end of the Sony tunnel. I hope 'Sir' JK explodes with a rejuvenated energy to launch Jamiroquai into making some fantastic new music and doing some 'better than ever imagined possible' covers of some classic songs.

h :-))))))

only hoping that this GH album come with another DVD (with all the videos of course :D ) and another album with new music as well I don´t really like that much Dynamite ´coz I think it´s too commercial and of course I hope Jamiroquai come to mexico I need to see them before I die lol en serio seria una pena que se separaran y no vinieran antes a mexico :(

pues si "space cowboys",yo tambien escuche en alfa que va a venir, estoy seguro que si por que en alfa radio no andan con rodos, además si Jamiroquai va a visitar Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica y Colombia,¿por que no tambien México como en su tour "Syncronized" al cual por cierto fuí y todavía me acuerdo de la primera canción que tocarón y la ultima, cruzen los dedos para que venga............................

Oh I can't imagine "Greatest Hits" will be the final album, What were the other one? maybe the DVD?? or the Late Nigth Tales-Jamiroquai album or what?

I hope GH will cotain new traks; on the other hand, if you count all the extra traks which jamiroquai have recorded like "Deeper Underground", "Slipin' n' Slidin'", "Do you know where you coming from?", "I'm in the mood for love","Sunny","Space Cowboy(Radio Edit)", "Funktion", "Hollywood Swing", "Do it like we used to do" or "Everybody going to the moon" and others, maybe those makes an extra album, what do think???


and I wish Jay and the tribe best of luck......

I'm confused, if it's a God or bad news.. but.. the only thing that I Wish, is that Jay do it for a Better reason.. cuz' We don't want to Say goodbye to jamiroquai, That will be so sad!...
we Want to Death listen Jamiroquai, forever, cuz' they are inmortal!.. but although they will end the contract, they will be doing music for us!, because we have thirst of more,and more and more!!!
Jamiroquai is the top!

no creo que jamiroquai venga o tenga planeado mexico en la gira,hace una semana le pregunte a Rob Harris (guitarrista) que si vendrian a mexico y dijo: "nos encantaria ir a mexico pero nosotros no decidimos totalmente a donde queremos ir( se referia a k no hay productoras k los traigan pa aka) manten tus dedos cruzados mexifunk para k jmq valla a mexico,yo mantendre lo mios cruzados tambien"
esto kiere decir k no hay planes aun para venir a mexico.esperemos a mediados de año vengan.mientras tanto hay ke pedir jmq en las radios ,en ocesa....en donde sea kon tal de ke venga, SALUDOS MEXICAN PEOPLE!

Hey Space Cowboy, I found someone who I can rely on to continue to make goooood music (better, if it is possible?) after he broke up with Sony! HUUUU?? Good boy... LOL

Si, entiendo..
pero lo raro.. prendi la Radio, esuche alfa..
y en un promo de la estacion comenzaron a dar fechas de artistas que vinienen este año...
y ahi dijeron como confirmado:
"Regresa el hombre del sombrerito, Jamiroquai 5 de abril,( y suena supersonic)"...
Te recomendaria que checaras eso!, por que ahi lo dan por hecho!!!!, en un promo de la estacion.. y es una estacion de Radio seria que no andaria inventando, nada se ganarian...
Asi que.. crecen las dudaS!, pero yo super emocionada de haberlo escuchado.

Don't panic

Combien d'artistes ont annoncé leur retraite et sont revenus après un Grestest Hits ??

this is the end my friends

Don´t work for SONY is not the end of jamiroquai. Jay and the ban are in a "gold moment".

Maybe jay produce himself theirs next albums...

Jay please, say us some about this news !!!

I'm going to suicide me...

Don´t panic ???

I´m afraid there will be no more Jamiroquai after Sony...
Sad but true.Maybe Jay will try to go solo. But that won´t be too much of a success. And after that we won´t hear of him or the band again.
Look at people like "the artist formerly known as Prince" or whatever he calls himself at the moment.
Nobody gives a sh.. about him nowadays.
Okay...he played at the Brit Awards...
But noone would have cried, if he hadn´t performed there. He will soon be forgotten and so will Jamiroquai.
I wanna die.
I´ve been a fan since 93 and I ´m not yet satisfied .
I want to have NEW songs !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!Not a "Greatest Hits" album. Who´s gonna buy a "Greatest Hits" album anyway. Surely not me... :(

Hey, I dont mind if as a result of JMQ splitting with Sony the whole band goes off of the commercial radar. I would like to see the band going back to their roots, but most importantly making some mind blowing music for us all of which we could never imagine. If that happens I will be happy, even if JMQ never have another top 10 hit after the GH album. Jus so long as the true music appreciators like us keep getting a healthy dose of their funky music.

Why are people freking out here? The contract is ending which frees them up to sign with a different label that will let the band call more of the shots. This is a good thing, not the end of Jamiroquai.

I'm afraid I have to agree with gabik, I think JK cashed in enough not having to feel obliged to anything. Hopefully the contract is not to strict so a new album can be made no mather how much time it would take with enough artistic freedom.

YEEESSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSSS AT LAST!!!!!!!!!!, no more sony telling jay what to play and how to play, lets get back to the beginning!!!!!!!

Leeno, I agree with you!!

isn't it just a natural end to his 7 disc contract, its not a premature split, he'll be back

This seems to mean only one thing (due to copyrights things) - no Dynamite live DVD from SONY...

Im am hoping (just like all of you) that this just means that Jay will continue to create music after this contract. Whether it be solo or with the guys I just hope this isnt the end. I mean just think about how bored the paparazzi will get ; ) Sony never promoted them here in the States, and if the boys do recieve another contract, hopefully they will get a company that is not stingy and willing to pay to do some pretty decent promotion here. They simply cant discontinue to create great music b/c:

They're too young to die :(

i hope this isn't the end

All I know is that I want to get invited to this party :) Forget SONY! LOL!!!

Jay is planning the party to end all parties... ohhh i wish i could be at that party.
The contract is ending and i also think this is a good thing. New times, good times are coming!

I think this is a good thing as the GH allows JK to fulfil his contractual obligations with Sony a bit quicker and then move on. Hopefully to producing some more top notch tunes.

A few tickets to the party would be gratefully received!!!

A rather magnanimous hurrah to this news I say. Let's just let Sony try and squeeze as much money out of Jamiroquai as possible with what's bound to be an appalling choice for the Greatest Hits and then let the band do their thing once set free.

I saw an interview with Jay last night on VH1 (that I assume most other people have seen before) where he sounded pretty deflated. He didn't specify that it was Sony that was making him feel that way, but he referred to how he hates the band's creativity being stifled by having to squeeze songs into a certain length of time and how they HAVE to use the latest software which takes away from the live feel they want to convey. Jay also referred to how he hates having to edit the singles, as he said that the songs are what they are, and aren't the same when cut to ribbons. I can feel a swift return to the style of the first 2 albums when they've been unshackled.


I hope they return to their roots too

claudia - road trip!

everyone has a greatest hits, it's really not that big of a deal. it will probably consists of a few album songs with a few bonus features. hopefully sony will be smart and market it to appeal to old fans like every 100 cds will have tickets to a gig or you can win unreleased merchandise/music or something.

it is what it is.


I wonder what extras(if any) will be on the GH album. I reckon a few new tracks...
I and i have been invited by Jay personally to go to the party..........i wish!

bah, old songs nothing nwe, better, no more songs made from jay and modified by the guys from sony with a computer, no mere comercial **** ! ! ! ! ! !

I have though about the comments here; and since the bob's comment, I feel a new hope, that something amazing will be start...!!!!...
We wish the roots!, the special songs and sounds that Jay gave us!!!... I like the new sound that Jay has learned, but will be great if the quality of the old jamiroquai, and new jamiroquai were mixed!!!!..
I loveeee The rooooooootS!!.. jamiroquai TROSC & EOP must come back with something extra!.......
yeah!... I have the feeling that comes something wonderfull!, Jay can give more than he has give us...
jay is God!

I can understand Jay totally... But i know, that he will never give up to make music, however it will be!

Peace Buffel

NO metter if the people don't buy Jamiroquai...
cuz' our soul will be satisfied ...
and we will pay to good price for that wonderfull art

I would buy a greatest hits album if it comes with a dvd audio, sacd, dvd video or something else....
I want a decent 5.1 jamiroquai mix!

you know what would be interesting, if they completely redid all of the songs for the greatest us fans who have the albums on repeat can hear something new and exciting. but its more than likely that jay will just get lazy and figure, hell, if he can just cut and paste, why not cut and paste

jamiroquais Greatest (Disc 1)Hits
1- Emergency on planet earth
2- When you gonna learn
3- Space Cowboy
4- Light Years
5- Virtual Insanity (duh)
6- Alright
7- Canned Heat
8- Black Capricorn Day
9- Little L
10- Love Foolosophy
11- Feels Just Like it Should
12- Seven Days In Sunny June

Jamiroquai's Greatest (Disc 2) hits
1- Blow your Mind
2- Revolution 1993
3- Mr. Moon
4- Just Another Story
5- cosmic Girl
6- Driftin Along
7- SuperSonic
8- King for a Day
9- Black Crow
10- Picture of My Life
11- Dynamite
12- Hot Tequila Brown

Interesting news...a greatest hits has the potential to be brilliant, if they get it right. I'd love to see 2 disc, one featuring the TWOM/Synk/AFO/Dynamite era and other disc having EOPE/ROTSC era with added extras (like live tracks, rarities and b-sides). Anyway the sooner Jay escapes Sony, the better :)

maybe this is the start of a whole new thing . go jay!

Alguien sabe si jamiroquai va a editar algun dvd de esta ultima gira

I really don´t get this...How can most people be so positive about the whole matter ? Are you all blind ?
Or is it all just wishful thinking ?

Jamiroquai will be over...No doubt about it. Finito.
Schluss, aus, basta.

I wanna die. :(

( Unless anyone can name me one artist whose contract with a major label ended and who´s still popular. And now please don´t say Michael Jackson.
I mean "popular" in a positive sense, hehe .. ;) )

agree with jgrizz

this contract is not something new. Jay signed for 8 albums with sony since the beginning it's like that. I'm sorry but it's not baceuse he has troubles with Sony that his career is over. Yes he can change music company or renegocite a contract with Sony more profitable for him. A GH is just a step in a career. Madonna has 2 or 3 GH and she doesn't want to give up. It's just a best of, a marketing thing in order to sell more records. Maybe the last "juicy" deal for Sony. Me I'm not worried.

"Just because I've come to the end of the road with Sony doesn't mean to say that I wanna stop recording"
- Jay November 2005

Jay talks openly, very openly, about Sony BMG

"I'd like to get out of [the record deal], to be honest," the 35-year-old says. "They want a greatest hits [album], I'll give it to them and then f--- them off. I'm tired of them. It's 18 per cent music what we do these days and it's bloody 82 per cent marketing bullsh*t.

"They're the kind of people who should be running Shell. They know f--- all about music."

"You know, all these smart f---ing arse cookies that come around making out like they know about what you do, like, 'I think you should do this and we think you should do that, and we think you should edit the video like this,' and it's like, 'What on earth would you know about making music?'"

"Oh, screw them, they can screw themselves. I'm getting rid of them and they know it, they know it. 2006, my lovely, they're out of the f---ing picture. 'Take your greatest hits, stick it up your f---ing arse and then I shall carry on doing what I f---ing do.' Next time I do an album, I'm gonna put it up on the internet for five f---ing dollars."
- Jay November 2005


I think all of you are rigth, the end is only the maybe you will see the return of the Jamiroquai

I don't mean to be a bitch but while your partying down there, if you happen to come across the bitch steeling my identity and email can you shine every god damned light you have in her face .. le sigh

sorry just wondering. anyways have a great party and don't stop dancing.

ive gotta say tho,will anyone (even us lot) buy a jay kay solo record,coz i gotta say,if he wer 2 go solo,how strange would it be with no buffalo man on the front of a record????also something ive been wondering,does anybody have any news on a 4th single???

keep it funky:)

mmh... who now of what the future is made??? Jay may sigm another contract with another major of the music industry, or he might produce his own albums in his studios...

Nevertheless, Jay and sony were quarrelling...
Who nows if the future will not be clear and bright for our band ?


I just wanted to say to jay and the band members over time, granted i've not really known about them for the longest time, but people should be saying thankyou for the music to there ears, and you guys have outdone yourself, not that there going to die. Know that you know whats right for you, There are plenty of fantastic musicians out there, and jays voice is jays one in a million, Life goes on, and you guys certainly knew how to put the songs to standard. I hope by this comment, if you end up making another album, which I am certain you live for the music and you don't seem any where near the ends of your music lives. Many musicans have left bands to do things that are just as inspiring, and another chapter is born, and new things accomplished. I think new things of even the same Jamiroquai sound will sound loudly over the crowds in the future, and without sony on your case the freedom to once again start from the beginning without the pressure and agression and deadlines looming you will find the little inspiring things with time to let them bloom

best of luck and faith in your future ambitions, and stay true to what you need to do for your sanity and happiness, people never handle change well, but they are sure to embrace your future endevours just look at

Chris Cornell
Maynard James Keenan
Mike patton
Dave Grohl
Daniel johns

To name a few. They all have suceeded in multiple endevours and so can all of you. You've done well too have your contract as one of the 5% of artists who suceed in the industry.

Be proud, and Do whats good for you don't break or be pushed around.

Take care Goodbye Hello

(just wanted to put a positive note on your career from a business and life perspective. Just remember you gotta love what you do to be good at what you do, The musics in you)

I can only be & feel positive about Jay breaking with Sony. If Sony are indeed working against Jay & the band then it`s best to split, maybe sign with a smaller independent label, and get back to their roots.
You gotta be positve about these things, accept as a fan of the band that it`s going to happen and see what happens.They`ve had a good run, 14 years, 6 albums, toured the world, the end.Get over it.

I'm a french people, i don't have see a lot of french people :)
So i'm very affraid to see my favorite group stop make music !!!! !! ! make a greatest hit thats cool but i have all his CD's !!! What can i do of it !!!
please jamiroquai listen to us !! make other album the life continue so the music too !!!
i can't hide my fear ;)
Your music is unique, you can't stop !!!

i heard jay kay was gonna make a song with kenny g

I heard that too. it was supposed to be mastered for the torin olympics, they were going to perform together but kenny g had some medical problems that limited his abilities so he didnt want to take on an additional workload with everything that goes into making a song, especially what could potentially be a groundbreaking duet.

im sympathetic for kenny.

did you guys hear about the the horse that walked into the bar?

the bartender says
"we dont like horses"

Hopefully another label will sign them. A decent label.

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