Venezuelan concert announced

Added on Wednesday 01 February 2006, 21:03 (GMT)

According to Venezuelan website Globovision, Jamiroquai will be performing in Caracas (Venezuela) on 28 March.  According to my records Jamiroquai have never performed a concert in Venezuela.

Expect more dates to appear and be confirmed over the coming days.

Credit: Alejandro Trinidad

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I'm so happy for the fans in Venezuela - yeah! My heart is also doing a little pitty-pat dance hoping, praying, wishing they are coming back to North America.

Mine too! Come on guys, Atlanta, please come to Atlanta! More than just the Northeastern cities..

And to think, people actually thought they were going to end the funk!

The funk will never end!!! keep it groovy!

I'm so happy they're finally coming to my country!!!!! i've been waiting for this moment for freaking cool!!!!

It's getting better and better! It only lacks the horns and my dream will come true!

congratulations Venezuela!

Does anyone knows when they're coming to Brasil???

Finally guyz!!!! They heard us!! It worth all the writing!!!!... Por fin vienen para aca!!!!! Gracias muchachos!...we'll be waiting!

i am from VENEZUELA... and imagine how are the fans of Jamiroquai .... =P we are so funky excited :P (lol)

is it true, that jam is gonna come to Colombia also??

Yes, it is true.

I just got the good news a few minutes ago...

Boy, this is like a dream come true... I cannot wait for the day to come.

It is certainly going to be "a night to remember".

Oh yes, forgot to tell you...

Yes, it will be their first (and hopefully not the last) show at Caracas.

I say AGAIN: PLease!... come to Mexico too!.. we're waiting for! PLEASE


i'm really happy for this! i'll be there! thanx! Jay you're the best one! hehehe i love u!

i just hope this isn't a rumor... 'cause i want Jay dancing in my country with his beautiful hats =)

I love Jamiroquai since I met them about 10years ago... I'm so excited to see my favorite band here in my country and best of all: at my own city, Caracas! If do you have any official information about it, I mean: Jamiro page, Tours' sponsors... , please let me know, thanks and Let the Funk be with You ;-)

It's true, Jamiroquai in Caracas next march 28. You can see the website of Evenpro and confirm the show ( Bogota, Jamiroquai will perform, too on march 30

c'mon !!!
jmq in venezuela???
then, they have to come to peru!!
please jay, please!!

anyway, enjoy venezuela, enjoy

tickets to jamiroquai here at vzla will be from 35 to 90 dollars. how much have u payed to see him elsewhere?

Por favor mi amor Jay Kay ven a Mexico tambien aqui te queremos cuando pises tierras Mexicanas sentiras como un orgasmo de lo bien que te vamos a resivir amor mio I love Jay Kay , Jay Kay is my god

I'm from VEnEZUELA TOO I'm so happy & proud! i'm gonna see my Jay kay with him hats & dancing so sexy!! they're the best!!!:D

A great latinamerican tour!
Chile has to be the next one (pleaaaseeeeee)


Wooow!!!I can't almost believe it's true! Jamiroquai in Venezuela at last!After being a fan since 1994, my favorite band will be dropping the funk here... if You have any information about this gig,please let me know... is there a Jamiroquai Fan Club in Venezuela? ENJOY!!!!

Demasiado bueno que bueno que una banda de este calibre nos visite! estare sin falta en el poliedro con un buen grupo para disfrutar de este conciertazo! viva el Funk...

yeahhhhhhhhhhhh jamiroquai en venezuela por fin los voy a ver =)

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