Jamiroquai cover versions

Added on Saturday 31 December 2005, 13:05 (GMT)

Here are details of a couple of Jamiroquai covers versions that I have recently been told about... 

Jazz/Bossa Nova group Jazzamor have recorded a cover version of Space Cowboy on their most recent album.  If you go to the video section of the website you can listen to the song and watch the promo video.

German group Flowcati have recently recorded a demo version of Seven Days In Sunny June, which is currently available on the downloads page.

Feel free to tell us what you think about these tracks by leaving a comment with this news item, and if your band has covered any Jamiroquai songs, feel free to post a link to them here as well.

Credit: Gaetano Costa, Nicki

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My god that first one is awful, nobody does it like Jamiroquai

it's an ok cover, but come on, it could Never beat jam!!!

I dig Space Cowboy, it's nice with that funny bossa flavour groove, that's a professional product.
Seven Days of course is made by an amateur cover group...they made it not bad however it lacks the electric guitar parts and kind of better mixing...

Oh dear...I don't like it

And does she have enough lip gloss on!? 0.0

The bossanova groove is OK, but that lady sounds like she should be singing ontop of a grand piano in a seedy bar. Sorry guys, this cover does not do ROTSC justice.

O my god this is crap get your hands of music you can't cover,this can only be done by one: Mr jay kay himself and the band!F&*^K them! and mind your own damn crap!

greetz from uden tha netherlands

Bit harsh guys!

I quite like it, but it's nothing on the original. I like to see these covers done as it enhances Jay's songwriting reputation, so any effort should be encouraged IMO!

I do love bossa nova by the way :)

Oh dear. Ok now this may be my hearin but on the Flowcati cover [if you can comfortably call it that] are the 1st words "the PAYMENTS uve arranged" ?? Pls tell me Im wrong!! I want 4 minutes of my life back cos that was horrendous. Sorry, but thats my humble opinion.

OMFG. Sorry but I decided to give the Bossa Nova "effort" a chance. X Factor rip off anyone? This is pathetic

I can't stop laughing Carl. I heard the same thing. I didn't listen to the rest.

The bossa nova one reminds me of the Saturday Night Live skit with Will Ferrell and Ana Gasteyer as the 'Culps'.

Awww..they tried! Funny.

Just watched the Jazzamor bossanova thingy...i've never laughed so much since....well several days ago actually.
But anyway, HOW HILARIOUS!!!! IT'S SO ATROCIOUS AND DIABOLICAL THAT I NEARLY URINATED IN AN INAPPROPRIATE FASHION DUE TO THE SHEER HORROR AND HILARITY OF THAT!!!! OMG!!!!!!! What ARE they????? OMG the video stopped like 10 minutes ago but i'm still cackling like a goose that's gorged on an e-number-laden-birthday-cake!
I'm so flabbergasted and mortified and jolly!!!
Message to jazzamor: save some face- take that beast of a video off the internet before anyone else sees it!

"The payments uve arranged, yes we sound deranged, how could anyone want to listen to this song...this covers tragic [we've been told] apparently this cover is mould, the Jam fans speak to us and we're crying, WAAA WAAA, but pls let us carry on, cos we're crap and we need to sing this to survive... [ok so with alot of vodka inside me thats all I cud muster up, BLAH!]

All have been said! One word: It's Horrible! No comment about Space Cowboy... Concerning Seven Days, to be really honest, the musicians are simply bad: Rythm section is awful and bassplayer plays without soul! If they are musicians since few times, it's correct but if they are "professional", in my opinion, the best way for them is to stop as soon as possible!!! Sooooo funnnny!!!!

Currently listening to that PATHETIC seven days in sunny june impostor. Once again i'm CACKLING like a demented banshee at the utter horror!!!!! They sound so CONSTIPATED!!!! OOOOOOOHHHHH DEAR!!! WHAT WERE THEY THINKING OF????!?!!!?!?!?! HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!!! I'm laughing so much that i'm on the verge of having heart palpitations here!! Do these people actually expect to be taken seriously??
What a feeble voice that dude has :S oh my gog i just cant convey how horrifying this is :|
I'd LOVE to see Jay's face listening to this tat!

this crappy video just made me LMAO!
and yeah, on seven days it says "the payments you've arranged" come on guys, if you're going to make a crappy cover like that... at least read the lyrics!

Umm what was that lady on when she was trying to sing space cowboy

The Jazzamor cover is a good idea, they convert space cowboy into a bossa-chill out stuff, sounds good
but flowcati...
What is the idea of do a cover if it gonna be exactly like original version, i dont understand, i know this is an amateur band and i cant say anything about the recording and mixing but...
No rifa

I would call it "How to turn gold into shit"... Both are simply inaudible! No idea, no creativity, no interest! Let Jami be instead of slaughtering such wonderful songs! Grrrrr

Is this some kind of in-joke? Is it the work of Zender and Blatt?! I almost hate Jamiroquai for letting this happen.

Ok this is the deal. The bossa nova attempt at Space Cowboy might have worked had the bass line actually been decent. I think its only redeeming factor is the improv piano.

As for that HORRENDOUS version of Seven Days, all I have to say is... whose idea was this!??!?!? I mean, if you're going to do a cover at least try to make it your own sound instead of blatantly copycatting everything. Alas.

When i listened to the beginning music to the jazzamor song i thought, "wow, this could be a half decent cover of a jamiroquai song!" then this french (at least i think she was french) woman starts slaughtering space cowboy harder than a cow at a tanners. As for the "seven days" cover: the intro music was horrendous, especially the guitars, they made a mistake in the singing straight away "the payments you arranged..." and the lead singer was doing an atrious jk impression. lol, i had to laugh at the jazzamor one though, if someone played me that and i had no knowledge they had an offical website and recording contract, i would of thought it was some sort of joke or wind up! Maybe there'll be a plausable cover of a jamiroquai song someday although what makes jamiroquai so great is their songs are so original and different its a hard sound to achieve for other people!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA........the bossa nova video makes me laugh!....those guys are crazy, that video is one of the most stupid things i have ever seen
but the goods thing is that it makes me laugh!

I love the bossa-nova sound and this version of SC is very nice and lazy (for me)

Viva Brazil !!!

Man o man... brutal.. Im a sensetive give. this these covers aint workin... the space cowboy one is a totally different flavor that just doesn't work for me at all.. very corny... the seven days in sunny june one... hm im sure Flowcati enjoyed doin it and hopefully they are fans of jamiroquai and just just the song.. but it was gross to listen... bit harsh i no...but the truth. can't wait till me and my bros start recording.. definately gonna have some good covers for your ears, youll enjoy it waaaaaaay more then these, I promise. Happy New year all!!

ohhh men!, what in the name of JAMIROQUAI are you thinking! the cover for seven days really sucks! :( if you love the music of jamiroquai and if you wnat to do a cover of one song of JAMIROQUAI please try harder, don't make music without feel the vibes, the rithim flow trough your body, mind and soul. and that's for everybody!!!!

take the cover of seven days out. we done the wrong lyrics,(maybe the cheeba was not good)

this is not the best one, from that cover shitt. stick up kids.


we not say we are jamiroquai.

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