2006 Brit Awards - another nomination for Jamiroquai?

Added on Saturday 31 December 2005, 11:27 (GMT)

In conjuction with the 2006 Brit Awards that will take place on 15 February (UK television broadcast is the following night), Sony BMG will release an exclusive Brit Awards Album 2006 on 6 February. This compilation will include 2 dual discs that highlight music of the past 12 months. The audio and video for Feels Just Like It Should is featured on the second disc.

A recent press release at the Brit Awards website says:

The BRIT Awards Album 2006 contains the absolute cream of the last 12 months’ music, featuring artists who are lined up to be contenders for trophies at the UK’s biggest and most prestigious music ceremony.

This dual disc format guarantees a phenomenal multi media experience, and offers a radically new way to enjoy the artists lucky enough to be nominated in The BRIT Awards 2006! 

The nominations for the 2006 Brit Awards will be announced on 10 January. Although they have yet to receive a win, is this a hint that Jamiroquai will be nominated for the (according to my calculations) 16th time?

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Does this also mean that they'll get to perform at the Brits too......? Hope so!

Oooooh i do hope they're performing on the Brits (otherwise i shan't watch it ;) mwahaha)

Happy Hogmanay!! :D

For those of you who are outside of the U.K, and are unfamiliar with the 'Brit Awards'. These are an absolute sham, and have continued to ignore Jamiroquai's music since they were nominated for four awards back in 1993. I sincerely hope the band will win something even though it's a case of "give them an award now before it's too late"...
I am forever shocked at these people who win; actually, there is worse; Greenday sweeping the MTV awards.
[email protected]#k MTV and F#$k the Brits!

What did Jay say once...he only goes to the Brits now just for a nice dinner?

You guys are definitly making yourselfs proud.

I'll be crossing my fingers for you.

YEAH!!!!!!! I hear they're also nominated for a Grammy for best video for "Feels Just Like It Should", yeah? I'd love to see 'em perform on the Brits. I'm an American Anglophile in America and I'll take the Brits over the (yawwwwwwn) Grammys any day. Anywho, I remember seein' Jay perform with Miss Diana Ross on the Brits a few years ago. I remember seein' Jamiroquai live this past October '05 in NY. Best live act ever, they are! If the powers that be at the Brits are smart, they'll let Jamiroquai do what they do best, PERFORM!!!!!!! ;)

Jamiroquai don't need to win awards to prove anything...

We know how fantastic they are and they know too because the fans prove it! ;-)

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