Seven Days alternative edit?

Added on Saturday 31 December 2005, 01:39 (GMT)
On the website of video post production company Rushes, there is a page of information about the Seven Days In Sunny June promo video, together with a link to watch a 30 second clip, which is edited differently to the officially released promo.
Credit: Diego Naccarelli

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Where can you find the entire alternate video?

Hello again!
The video for seven days looks like 70's, I love that aesthetic (like Last Summer by Lostprophets).

Thant all my comment right now. Happy Xmas and New Year upcoming to all * c h e e r s *

I don't see a difference between the video I know...

yeah totally
you look great btw.
Looks like you guys would of had a real blast hey :)

cab somebody tell me why tha pages crashes after the call "please choose format below) ive got everything installed and the quick link does not work!!


"The idyllic countryside scene sees Jamiroquai surrounded by foxy bikini clad girls washing an old VW Beatle"


I luv when jay rides his motorcycle and then he slaps on a ladys ass too funny I luv this version of SDISj

Jamiroquai "Rocks" The video is great hot girls people haveing fun and Jay showing everone how funk and soul is put togather real well.This is one of the best funk bands in the world.Seven Days In Sunney June what a great song need I say more. :)

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