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Added on Saturday 31 December 2005, 01:18 (GMT)

In the February 2006 issue of FHM magazine (UK), there is a four page interview and photo-shoot with Denise Van Outen, and of the 10 questions they asked, three of them were about her relationship and engagement with Jay...

Do you miss your ex loverboy, Jay Kay?We'll always have an affection for each other because we did most of our growing up together.  It was quite a mad time - we had loads of fun.

He once told us the best thing about having a massive estate is the freedom to run round naked on it...Well, I tell you what, we certainly covered most of that land.  We had a brilliant time together - it's nice that we're mates now.

Can you ever see the two of your getting back together?I don't think so.  It was a long time ago and things change so much.  We've both been out with other people since, so I think it would be a bit weird; they always say you should never go back, and I kind of think that's true. 

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well, I can think about giving you a chance denise, I'll think about it, don't call me I'll call you...

I would go back to that sexy rascal !!!

I wouldn't split up with him in the first place!!!

I would, because the best part is the making up!!!!

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