Dynamite for fourth single?

Added on Thursday 29 December 2005, 21:59 (GMT)
I don't know how long this has been the case, but on the Official US Jamiroquai website there are audio clips for the following tracks - Feels Just Like It Should, Seven Days In Sunny June, (Don't) Give Hate A Chance and Dynamite....Could this mean that Dynamite could be a fourth single release from the album?
Credit: Russ Norton

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I prefer starchild... but Dynamite its a good option

Dynamite or Starchild with HTB.

I love it, definitely should be Dynamite....Dynamite!

I originally heard rumours it was going to be electric mistress. but since dynamite is the title of the album it was always on the cards to be a single release at some point. Hope electric mistress or tallulah will be released aswel, although i would like to see all the tracks released as singles. lol


Still love Hot Tequila Brown

Love Blind would be great, but im also thinking of the video if Black Devil Car gets the gig...

Yes, Dynamite, Starchild, Talullah or Time Won't Wait for Music quality and BDC or Loveblind for marketing! That's life! Cheers

I would love to see Black Devil Car as the next single....

Well time wont wait waasnt on Australia version of the album which means it cant be released as a single.

Personally I Love Hot Tequila Brown or maybe Black Devil Car.

I dont believe the song Dynamite would do well in the charts. Its quite a repetitive song.

From a purely success-driven point of view, I think that StarChild would be the best bet, especially in the US where I think it would be massive. As much as I like Dynamite, I think it is slightly too subtle for the majority of the knuckle-headed single buying jillocks out there.


oh, I also prefer Starchild, anyway, let's see what the guys are planning for us, maybe there's another great video to be launched.

Todays my birthday too Dec.30th

I would prefer Black Devil Car but Dynamite would still make an excellent 4th single

im with nat
for some reason hot tequila is a stand out track on the album.
i also think electric mistress is more of a stand out

but who are we kidding? they should just make every track a single becuase they all rock

Though this points to Dynamite as being the next single i remember back in June, in an interview with Jay on the radio him saying that he doesn't think it would be a single, that its more of an album track. But that was back then, maybe there's been a change of mind..... Personally i'd prefer Black devil car or Starchild though i'm not fussed cos every song on the alb would make a great single. Not that the majority of the music buying people would know....

I vote for Electric Mistress, with Dynamite right ahead.

I'm with you, Dyego...EM would be a good 4th single. Seems to be the right choice.

yeah! Dynamite or Electric Mistress...


I dont belive the amount of people who want Electric Mistress to be the last single. Am I the only one that feel its nowhere near the best song on the album. What is so spectacular about it there is more soul into songs such as starchild, hot tequila and black devil car.

Electric Mistress has gone down a storm in the clubs-Sony have released some dynamite mixes too but although excellent, arn't quite well recieved as electric misstress.

These releases could be sony testing the water for the next single. I think the fact Dynamite is on the us website is that it is the title track to the album, nothing more.

Personally, I'd like the guys to release a track which includes a live version as a second track...maybe even have the promo video as a live recording from the tour...what does everyone else think? The only track i wouldnt want to hear released would be black devil car-anything else i would be happy.

Hello!!! I just listen JQ with this album... hell rocks, I learn to listen to Jamiroquai... Well, I'm from Chile and greeting to all cya!

In this order I like the songs: Seven Days In Sunny June, Don't Give Hate A Chance... Dynamite... and today i discover Love Blind this song is so great! They're so armonic and sound like singles, according to my 'vision'

They're all amazing! The Video for SDISJ looks funktastic! xD cyaaaaaa

- i think dynamite it's in that site because it's the homonym maybe

That's right, Electric Mistress is doing well in clubs, and it's different from the released stuff, is more actual disco music, not so 70's. I don't know why, I think is a great song.

But there's truth in something: whatever they release, it won't be a worth buying if they don't include B-side songs, or lives...please no more horrible remixes.

I think everyone will agree on that.

D! (dyego)

Hot Tequila Brown!, and Starchild

black devil car for sure
or starchild

theres so much choice for the next single, but as Dynamite is my fav song i would choose that, as a single might be better off with Black Devil Car or Electric Mistress, but any song would be worthy of a 4th single

prefiero tal vez starchild, talulah o time won't wait

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