Hollywood Swinging on Comcast

Added on Thursday 29 December 2005, 09:09 (GMT)

If you are in the US and have Comcast cable television, on the Comcast ON DEMAND service you can watch an old recording of Jamiroquai performing Hollywood Swinging.  Looking at the Comcast website, this will end on 30 December.

Credit: Leichena Bodie

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Can someone record this somehow?

Get it here:

Great to see Jamiroquai on tv!

thanks chena for this info -- comcast is so damn expensive, it's nice to know i can get my money out of them this month!
on a note not related to this..i'm watching richard pryor stand up on tv. this man will be missed. classic

wot r u suposed to do im a lost? please help!

"On Demand" is a different way of saying "Pay Per View" Emily. Im sure if you have Comcast it's pretty easy to find... with a $7 fee tacked onto it hehe. Unfortunately I have Time Warner (Comcast's main rival) so I can't get it

thank jules for that link!!! that was perfect....but I don't get how come Jamiroquai's track is not included in the movie, which I thought was a good flick by the way.....peace

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