Abercrombie & Fitch plays Jamiroquai

Added on Tuesday 27 December 2005, 18:44 (GMT)

US clothing store Abercrombie & Fitch are pretty good when it comes to including Jamiroquai tracks on their in-store playlists - they are currently playing the Freemasons remix of (Don't) Give Hate A Chance.

With Christmas now behind us and the stores full of shoppers, where have you heard Jamiroquai played in a shop or on TV?  Why not leave a comment on the site and let us know...

Please feel free to read the comments from when we asked the same question a month ago on another news item (about FJLIS on the Payless ShoeSource television commercial).

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You know, I did hear Virtual Insanity playing in Nordstrom's at this same mall.

havent heard it in a store as such but on this show that is sumtimes on on channel 445, daria, they use snippets a lot

I heard Hot Tequila Brown in WHSmith in Solihull and Time Won't Wait is always played in Mechu bar in Birmingham.

I heard Feels Just Like it Should on a Payless Shoe Commercial, (Radio & TV), and Virtual Insanity at Black Angus Steak House Restaurant. (US)

I have heard Feels Just Like It Should on TV, and at my university's gym in Boston, Mass.

Planet Home at Old Navy, Feels Just Like It Should video at Lifetime Fitness gym.

I've heard a Little L remix, You Are My Love (I think) , and Use the Force all at one particular Old Navy I went to in the weeks before Christmas. I danced around while I was shopping, I couldn't help myself!

Unfortunately I never hear anything by Jamiroquai.. I can't help it but I've never seen the (don't) give hate a chance video on TV...Jamiroquai is really bad represented where I live!! It's such a shame!!

Time won't wait at "Claire's" (in France), to my great surprise because this song isn't on the french album.
And I heard Feels just like it should for the game "FIFA 06".

FJLIS on VH1's Best Year Ever 2005.

I've heard both "Hooked Up" and "Canned Heat" at Old Navy, and "Blow Your Mind" at Yates and "Time Won't Wait" at an HMV (both in Wolverhampton). My mother claims to have heard "Half the Man" twice at a KMart she used to work at.

I heard "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance" on Emmerdale (English Soap Opera) and then I switched the channel and "Feels Just Like It Should" was on EastEnders (another English soap opera)...hehe, I don't regularly watch them though :/

It was destiny! :P

I've heard FJLIS and the whole A Funk Odissey album at the Penny Black in Naples, and I hear everyday in my office Space cowboy as ringtone of my boss' mobile phone!

A while ago they played "Blow Your Mind" in a German soap opera.

SOHO clothing store here in Mexico City; 'King For A Day'.

My buddy heard Love Foolosophy at a coffee shop the other day - the acoustic remix version by Mondo Grosso. Hotness.

I heard cosmic girl in Old Navy and I heard another Jamiroquai song in Khols department store, but I forgot the name of the song!

I was playing the "Buzz" music game (PS2) with some friends yesterday and I GOT the Jamiroquai question (re:Deeper Underground!!) LOL!! Oh and I was Christmas shopping last week in Jane Normans (clothes shop) and they played Space Cowboy classic club mix -u just gotta move to it ;p

Hey Jenn G I also saw the question on buzz and yes I was first to answer it and I could not help but blow the TV screen a kiss.

Ive been hearing Dont Gave Hate a Chance everywhere, and i mean EVERYWHERE!!!its fantastic,its such a great song to bust out in the middle of the shops!!

i heard virtual insanity at NEXT , It was pretty cool

After a very tense journey to the alps last week were I thought my husband was going to put me in the boot with the luggage I unpacked kids presents santas stockings ski stuff food etc That night I went into a village shop and out of the blue Space cowboy started playing i must have been singing it because a man tapped me on the shoulder and started dancing me around the shop!My JamiroClaus had come early and all was well with the world XXXX

Where I live in North Wales I heard Feels Just Like It Should and Don't Give Hate A Chance in Dorothy Perkins. Also heard Deeper Underground in Woolworths. Makes shopping a whole lot better!!

SDISJ played at Gap before Xmas. Also, I just listened to the album called "Bar Lounge Classics" and they have acoustic version of Love Foolosophy with Jay signing to an acoustic guitar. Awesome.

Jamiroquai is everywhere!
I have watched 'Seven days...' video in the fitness center like thousand times, also in some shops where there are TVs during the last months. Last weekend I heard 'Starchild' played in a shop - I think they were playing the whole 'Dinamite' album..I love hearing Jamiroquai out, not only when I play it. It makes me feel so good! I could stay in the shops for hours when jamiroquai is played...


I heard Dynamite in WHSmith the other week, and Cosmic Girl in MakeMusic, and heard them various times in clothes shops like H&M

I heard Butterfly in a lingerie store in SOHO (NYC)
Probably spent more than I should have...

The FIRST time I ever had 'one of those moments' when a Jamiroquai track is played in a public place was in Marbella Spain four years ago. My husband and I were in womens' boutique in Puerto Banus and Little L was played. And I made him stand still and we listen, motionless until it was over, and then resumed our shopping. It was during the morning in Winter, we were the only people in the shop.

The LAST time I had 'one of those moments' whe a Jamiroquai track is played was on a British Midland flight from Belfast to London, on my way back to Saudi Arabia. As the jet was taxing in London Heathrow Airport, there was a delay and we were stuck on the tarmac a fair distance from the terminal, and music was piped. Cosmic Girl was played, and I stood up and turned around to announce to my family that this was a Jamiroquai track and nearly bumped my head on the over head compartments in my rush !!! How embarrassing, nodding my head at the frustrated business commuters saying Jamiroquai, Jamiroquai, Jamiroquai.

The BEST time, was when I wasn't present !!! Get your heads around this one . . . all three of my children were with Janice Parsons and her two lovely daughters Kate and Laura. They were in a pizza restaurant just of the Charing Cross Road on a piazza connecting to Leicester Square. It was a beautiful Summer's day in July 2005. My husband and I were down the road watching the Military Jubilee Celebrations and the Queen's Parade in the Mall. The gang of junior Jamily and our MsP went into freak mode when Little L was played and they all stood up and sung their hearts out, and did those 'complicated hand claps' - LOL as loyally and soulfully as if it had been just Jan and I on our toddies !!! The junior generation of Jamily did us proud that day. Sadly I missed it, but Jan had the proud place of relishing that 'public' Jamiroquai moment.

Recently I heard them a lot of times, I was really surprised about that.
Especially that they played emergency on planet earth in a grocery store :) and soon after in a normal market, too =)
Then I heard TWM in a show called What She Says, What He says (differences between man and woman). =) And soon after that they played Electric Mistress and Seven Days in Sunny June on that german Bigbrother show =/

I haven't heard anything recently but over the past 3 years i've heard a remix of Little L in Harvey Nicks, FJLIS in Matalan and Superdrug,SDISJ in Asda and the vid on a plasma screen, Dynamite in HMV a week after it had been released, Deeper underground and GHAC in Woolworths, Virtual insanity, Canned heat and a remix of Caosmic girl in Next, Feels so good in a boutique shop in Leeds,and i think a few more which i've forgotton! And everytime like others have been saying i've had to stand in the shop till it's finished! I find that this happens quite a lot to me!

I heard (dont) give hate a chance remix in A&F... i felt in paradaise jaja

i heard King For A Day in fitness first changing rooms:)

i heard seven days in sunny june today in some clothing store. and i once heard planet home played at a sydney kings basketball game.


I heard Seven Days in Sunny June last time I got my hair cut, I heard an other song of Jamiroquai (don't remember which one...) while shopping in an H&M store, I heard a Cosmic Girl remix while shopping in Sephora... I like when Jami follows me! xx

I heard 'Cosmic Girl' on BBC America's Changing Room show on Saturday night.

i watch seven days today in vh1 and give hate a chance in muchmusic some minutes ago...

I heard Butterflies playing in an Old Navy store last week. I was also in a Pret A Manger store and heard Alright playing.

on a recent trip to america, i heard "King for a day" in a specialist NBA store, and "Feels Just Like it Should" on a T.V. commercial for womens' shoes (or it might have been jewellery) cant quite remember :S

And i couldnt resist blasting the chorus to Starchild in the apple (i-pod) store, muhahahah.

Years ago when I worked at American Eagle Outfitters there was a month when Deeper Underground was on the music played in the store. All my co-workers knew when it was coming up and would always turn it up for me (it was the highlight of my days at that crappy job). On one rare occasion I heard Digiterama in a hotel lobby. Its always awesome to hear one of their songs played at random. Especially here in the States, the only time they got any real airplay was way back for Virtual Insanity.

I burst into song at work, singing 'Soul Education' after watching Jay go off doing his 'God to pray to' from the Montreux 2003 Jazz Fest - and can you believe one of the guys in the office finished off the lyrics for me!!! hey, closet jam freaks... come out and play with me... Have started hearing my boys playing all over the place now, 'This Corner of The Earth' was playing in the mall and i just stopped dead in my tracks. Couldn't believe my luck! Yay... Happy Birthday for tomorrow, Jay xxx

Recently I heard "Starchild" played in Bebe and "(Don't) Give Hate A Chance" in Express. I was so happy to hear them played in stores in America. I was singing and dancing like a loon. I also was in a pub in Barcelona where they were playing the entire Synkronized album. :-D

I heard Time Won't Wait at work this morning!!

I heard "Canned Heat" at a socks and tights shop (Calzedonia) in Barcelona at noon today. I really felt like dancing as I was going to pay for my tights!.

"Game" in Bradford usually have the Dynamite album playin on the PS2 over the loud speaker. Also, McDonalds are notorious for playin Love Foolosophy!

feels just like it should played on a payless shoe commercial i saw in the us. luved it!!!!!!

neil, what a great list. miri, pharoah, common and little brother - i dig. you should do the programming for more than ecko!

Although it was not during the Christmas season, and it was not off their current album, I was surprised to hear someone playing the Jamiroquai cut "Love Foolosophy" at a Jamba Juice in the Rice Village shopping area in Houston, Texas. I was singing along as I was going to make my order.

(Don't) Give Hate A Chance @ Myer, Adelaide, South Australia!

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