Seasons Greetings from Paul Turner

Added on Sunday 25 December 2005, 06:43 (GMT)
Paul Turner

Bass player Paul Turner, who joined Jamiroquai in April 2005 would like to say the following to all Jamiroquai fans...

Seasons Greetings to all Jamiroquai fans Happy Christmas and seasons greetings to all the Jamiroquai fans around the world. I loved playing with the band this year. We had fantastic audiences everywhere we went and hope to see you again next year.  On a personal note I really appreciate all the compliments and positivity from many of you, as it really helped me settle in. I wish everyone a happy, healthy and successful new year. Lots of Love and Happiness x Paul



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Paul, amazing job as bassist. It's a tough spot to fill, as many fans (including myself) have Zender-mania. You do it just as well, or, dare I say it, better in many ways. You have such great phrasing! It puts a great twist on the 'classics.' It was great to watch you in San Francisco both nights (we were standing directly in front of you pretty much, and cheered for you, I don't know if you could hear us with the ear-piece monitor) and I'm looking forward to seeing you and the band again soon.

Luv what you're doing!! I'm always in front of you during the gigs cos the bass is my fav instrument. You're really doing a great job and I hope I have the pleasure to see you again next year.
Good Vibes

Feliz navidad Paul.

Great to finally read something from you to the fans. You've done a wonderful job and have transitioned into the band flawlessly! Not only are you a wonderful musician, but also a great person :) Quite the treat meeting you in NYC and hope to see you when you come back again (front-row infront of you). Best wishes to you and yours on this holiday season.

Well, make yourself at home Mr. Turner, you've proved it and deserved it. Thank you to you too !!! Wishing you a Happy Christmas and Joyous New Year, with a special pray that South America may not be postponed and not cancelled. Best wishes from my whole family in Saudi Arabia. Little H :-))))))

I hope the whole band as well as this community of Jamiroquai fans has had and continues to have a fabulous holiday season. Paul (and the rest of the band, it was truly a joy to see and meet you during this tour. It topped off my year and I hope you had as much fun playing as we did listening.

Merry Christmas to you and your family.I was happy to hear you say, you appreciate all the compliments and positivity from the fans as i was one of those people.It was a pleasure to meet you.
They really did pick the best man for the job and i wish you luck in what ever you do.
Hope to meet you again.

New great bass player, new great sound of Jamiroquai.
I realy love it!
Wish all the best.

gooooood job man... happy new year

Hi Paul,
Great message.Thank you! I also wish you a very happy, healthy and successful new year.


I echo the comments of my homegirls Claudia and Chena. Thank you Paul for a marvelous time in NYC and on this tour. Enjoy the New Year and we look forward to seeing you in glorious 2006!

Loved seeing you in NYC. What a great addition to the band. So many of us finally felt that the ghost of bassist past (okay, Stuart) was gone. Thank you for a great show, and I look forward to seeing you in 2006 (hopefully).
PS To Deesha, Claudia and Chena: I hope to see you too!

Hey Paul, Glad you got the gig if anybody has got the funk you certainly have!!!!!!!!
We used to work together in Licoln some years ago and I never did get chance to say thanks for the Chick Corea video and also for your support, hope you can remember me !!!!

Ian ( the brown bottle?)
p.s. I've recently been working in L.A. check me on

hello, great bass playing. It's hard to fill Zender's place but you do an amazing job. I am a bass player myself and its great to have someone to look up to. One day I hope that I will be able to play like you. Have a great new year bye.

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