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Added on Friday 16 December 2005, 08:40 (GMT)

Prior to Jamiroquai's concert in Brisbane (Australia) earlier this month, the website printed a short interview with Jay to help promote the concert.

In the interview Jay talks at length about the meaning of the track World That He Wants, and talks about playing older tracks on tour...

"You know, it can get dull playing all the old favourites, as it were. It’s nice to have a new roster to choose from and pep-up the set. We didn’t do 'Virtual Insanity' on the last tour because we’d done it for so long, but I think it’s been long enough now to bring it back again... it’s kinda cool to bring back the ones people know."

Credit: Verena Camerano

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I don't want to hear Virtual Insanity again.I have heard it too much and without Toby and Stuart, it's not the same song. I wanna hear Light Years, Stillness, If I like it, Planet Home, Soul Education, You are my love, Just Another Story... Come on Jay!

I get the feeling Jay does not like America. George Bush did not put a McDonalds in every town, consumers did. Bush is an idiot, but the American electoral college put him there. If Americans had enough sense, they would change their voting system in order to ensure that the PEOPLE, not the phantom electoral college elects the president. If they can do it in Iraq, why not in the US?

I'm glad he's making a stand against Bush. Seems like most people are apathetic. The ones that do take a stand risk getting banned. I agree with Jay about cities becoming homogenous. I don't like corporation chains and would much rather spend my cash at a locally owned business with character.

I don't care for Bush either, but I only see two ways to get rid of him.

thats ma boi...keep on teachin da truph and preachin da truph at all times and all cause!!!!!!!!

peace and luv


care for a green salad ill?

I think he means the US is disappearing up its own arse - which it is. It used to be the greatest country on earth (well, apparently) but now its just a laughing stock and feeding us all bullshit and thinks its more important than it is. There's a whole world outside of it and they need to start realising that. They think they're in a position to make decisions for all of us and think they can get away with, well, murder, as though different rules apply to them. "Dont Give hate a Chance" always brings tears to my eyes because its so true and makes it all seem so simple to fix.
"....because who is right, and who is wrong, we're not so different anyway.....".

So true Jay Kay - I vote for YOU!!

Wasn't Slovenia cancelled? I thought that Matej of had his dream burst - but I could be getting my countries mixed up.

Ha! WOW...Don't get it twisted - struggle,corruption and inhumanity on a political and non-political level is universal. Stand up or shut up!
On a lighter note..Funkadelic - they rehearsed Light Years for the AC show, but the crowd swayed them to do Mr.Moon instead.

"struggle, corruption and inhumanity on a political and non-political level in universal"...

Unfortunately, The U.S. is a front runner, and humans living outside 'that land' see and feel the threat to 'our world' than those living inside.

Contrary to popular belief, all Americans aren't uninformed, blind, fools. To make a comment stating that "humans" in this country do not see the threat that Bush's actions have and will cause is plain ignorant.

I don't like my president-I agree with J. It's hard living here when the red neck states are making all of the important decisions. There are Americans who have never been outside of their state let alone the country. They are the ones loving Bush! All I have to say is, is it 2008 yet? Maybe then we can start redeeming ourselves in this world. And can help build a better future.

Contrary to popular belief, all Americans aren't uninformed, blind, fools. To make a comment stating that "humans" in this country do not see the threat that Bush's actions have and will cause is plain ignorant.

u keep saying that ppjfm.... prove it... make us believe that americans arent like that! dont let bush be president next time!

Catman, Bush can't be president next time. Under the constitution of the USA, presidents are only allowed 2 four-year terms. This is his last term, so unfortunately, he can do whatever the heck he pleases. I think there are too many misinformed people out there that make uneducated comments and have prejudiced views about Americans. I agree with ppjfm that all Americans are not apathetic fools. There are many of us who DO know a thing or two about international affairs and don't agree with George Bush's political policies, both domestic and foreign. So please choose your words carefully. Let's not make this a forum to bash Americans. That is not what we come here for.

it was 'ignorance' that got him back in power!

I never post on here, but I'm over a friend's house reading this, and I am smiling at what Jay said and how you all have translated it to believe that ALL of us voted for him. Last week, I came within 4 feet of Bush. We didn't make eye contact, but I protested his policies, his presidency, and the negative effects he is having on the world (along with 2 other Americans that constantly visit this site). We also drove those unable to the polling stations last November (and no, I don't want a pat on the back), so save your generalizations and classifications. Catman, as I recall reading, you are from Australia. Seems you shouldn't be saying that much about issues in other countries! Complainers, please move out the way - some of us are actually trying to do something. Sorry David and those reading that you had to hear my ramble, I felt it needed to be said. This is a Jamiroquai website, so respect - get back to the music. Peace and see you on the dancefloor...

Claudia u said "so please choose ur words carefully, lets not make this a forum to bash americans"

this is not a forum its a message board MAJOR DIFFERENCE
the words i used are not harmful to people who arent on bushes side so dont take offence i was simply stating that if wot ppjfm said was true then why did he get re-elected a 2nd time? so wot ur saying claudia is that that there are more stupid americans than good ones right? there fore he could not have been over-power'd?

bush is the saddem hussien of america! lol

Dj Femi .... "Catman, as I recall reading, you are from Australia. Seems you shouldn't be saying that much about issues in other countries! Complainers, please move out the way - some of us are actually trying to do something."

wow ... yes u are right i am from australia and yes there is alot of shit going on here currently and from a global look it may look like the whole of australia but its only a minority of australians... i wouldnt even call them australians i would call them neo-nazi predjudice how can u riot about race when our whole country is made up of all different cultures? it doesnt make sense!

and wow DJ Femi move out of the way .... wot exactly do u mean luv care to venture to where we can both sort this out without wasting space here? if u dont accept then u are well not being very nice and it will only incriminate my view even more becoz it would just be saying that u dont wanna lsiten to each others point of views....

I'm smiling too DJ.
That who are 'ALL'...

y0 Femm im just speaking with dessha ! im lookin forward to having a chat with u actually... i hear u like de trance? :) do u like psy/goa?

why must so many good musicians lower themselves to be a part of the trendy liberal movement?? All you fan boys and girls can all keep dreaming of world peace, but it will never happen unless there are nations like the united states that are civilized enough to realize when there is such a tremendous threat to the world like al quaeda and muslim extremists! I find it deplorable that some of you call george bush a murderer when there are a bunch of psychos in the middle east chopping our brothers' and sisters' heads off, then taping it in the name of "allah"...get real, people...and oh, i am a new yorker and support bush, so don't try to make it look like every conservative american is some slackjaw hillbilly uncle-daddy that's never been outside of his hometown

This is the last I will post on this matter. Don't want to waste my time on back and forth. I come here to share the love for Jamiroquai, but I think that some people need to get some information straight before they start bashing others. The American government has a two party system. Only two presidential candidates are on the ballot. Maybe John Kerry, did not beat Bush because many people did not want to change presidents in the middle of the war because of what it could do to the troops' morale. While some did not like Kerry's political platform, others liked Bush. It was either vote for one or the other. I don't agree with the two party system or the electoral college, but that is the way things are. It is easy for all people to cast the stone without first looking at themselves. All countries in the world have had a history of violence and oppression, both domestic and foreign. We forget WWI and WWII, the dictators of the 20th century, the ravages of European imperialism, etc. We forget racial riots occuring all the time in countries all over the world. We forget ethnic cleansing in Africa, guerilla warfare in South America, suicide bombings in Palestinian and Isralei territories. People, there is so much happening in the world other than Bush's meddling in Iraq. George Bush did not go at this Iraq thing alone. He originally had the support of Britain, Spain, Italy and countless other countries. He is an idiot, I agree, but there are many others who went along with his ideas. So stop hating on us Americans and let us get back to what this "message board" is about: the music!
I wonder when the South American and North American tour dates will be confirmed?

You are an entertainer.
Leave your political agenda back in the UK if you so desperately want Americans to like your music. I am upset he would promote his tour by jumping on the band wagon like everyone else, and bash America.

3rd American that constantly visits this site,

United States = Civilized?

That's the best Christmas joke I've ever read.
Thankyou for the laugh.

...Let me try to match that joke; Stanley Williams, a founder of a notorious gang who denounced his 'lifestyle', became an author to educate the young, so as not to follow his past, and was nominated for a Nobel Peace Prize.
He sat on the row for well over twenty years, when his last chance of clemency was in the hands of a terminator who spent the best part of the eighties and nineties promoting vioilence through film.
Oh, did I mention it took about 20 minutes to find the vein in his left arm?
"This is just another story"...


Thats way too harsh! He's not jumping on any bandwagon. The guys got opinions and forntunately for us he's very passionate and if it weren't for that passion we wouldnt be blessed with the songs he writes. The more passionate the better, I say. He's not using his tour to "bash" Americans. He's certainly not even against Americans, he's only referring to the leader of the country. It seems to me that he's just worried that not enough people are standing up to be counted and have their voice heard but that he's in a position to do that and so he's doing it. He's simply trying to stop the brainwashing in different countries, to make us stop and think a little before we give ourselves over to believe in what Bush is wanting us to believe. This is too hard to write/explain. I know what he's referring to and I agree wholeheartedly.
There should me more Jay Kay's out there!




My 'yawn' post was not aimed at you in any way. I just noticed the person with whom I was responding to, has had his message erased.
All the best,

Zed (and anyone else): sorry if there's any confusion over deleted messages. I don't like to remove any messages from the comment system but will almost always do so if there are swear words or arguments between people.

Any messages should be constructive and related to the news item and 99.9 percent of them are - it is just a few that are not which get removed.

Thanks for your understanding.

Thankyou mate.

Love - I don't really do computers or televisions or radios or newspapers or none of that.I check the latest vinyl online once a week.Internet is addictive. No offense to your site, I probably won't check it.Thanks for the reference!What I meant was - When I hear complaining,it makes me wonder if the person is actually doing anything or just running their mouth to hear themselves talk.:) Dee (Deesha) introduced me to this band and I dug how they represented something and they communicate that through music that is distributed worldwide.That is what attracted me,so it's good to see Jay speaking out,but the comments that followed in this thread are shocking.I do love everyone's passion.I am strictly trance, drumnbass,electronica,and a bit jungle.If Dee is at the party, she threatens bodily harm if I don't put on Jamiroquai or some form of blah hip-hop.Joking! No she doesn't.Happy Holidays to you and yours.

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