Dynamic Display Picture for MSN messenger

Added on Thursday 15 December 2005, 17:37 (GMT)

If you use MSN messenger software, head over to MeeGos to download a free Jamiroquai Dynamite Display Picture for MSN.  Dynamic Display Pictures are described as follows:

"Each Display Picture has animated moods that respond to your emoticons in your Messenger conversations."

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WOW now my Msn Messenger looks great!
Thanks for the info David. :o)

this is so cool...

it just sends me to a net. passport site

wat are the diff emoticons for each mode? the first is :) but wat are the others? p.s. this is so kl!!!!!

That is so cool!!! Thanks David!!

[email protected]

Does anyone know if it works with MSN for Mac as well? i'm on a PC now so I can't try for myself.

Thanks for the website!
I've downloaded it, but it's only got the first pic of jay with the blue buffalo man...can the other pics & colours be downloaded?

I tried to download for MSN Mac with no joy?! so dnt think it does wk with Apple macs! :(

After following all the steps, it said could not download the content, to try again later.. then it says 'downloaded successfully' but when i go to use it, it's nowhere to be found??? confused!

Hmmm, it's turned up but one of the pics doesn't appear! we'll see what happens!

i don't know

Is Candy confused or what?

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