BBC Radio 1 Relives 2005 - the results

Added on Saturday 10 December 2005, 10:42 (GMT)

On Friday 9 December BBC Radio 1 (UK) revealed the "Top 20 Moments" of 2005 as voted by listeners to the station and Jamiroquai did really well...

  • Radio One's Big Weekend, which took place in May 2005 and featured Jamiroquai among a few other acts finished at number 3.
  • The Chris Moyles broadcast from Jay's house, which aired in May 2005 finished at number 13.
Credit: Deesha Dyer

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I happened 2 be listening 2 the program yesterday.
Well done Jamiroqaui!
I've also seen the pics from that visit few months ago. They were so cool, especially the ones with the bonfire and the Moon, the lake, the doggies and the fireworks..... How sweet is that. What a lovely bunch of people.
I wish I was there..

I have just one question in the photo's of Chris Moyles Radio Show at Jay's house. In pic 18/30 is that a real tiger that is walking behind Chris while he's on the segway scooter. The photo shows a back of a black car. So does Jay have tiger's on his property???

Carolyn: its not a real tiger. I believe Jay spoke about it in a recent interview somewhere, but I can't remember where.

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