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Added on Friday 09 December 2005, 16:42 (GMT)

On Friday night Jamiroquai performed at the Entertainment Centre in Adelaide (Australia).  The concert was originally scheduled to be at Memorial Drive but was changed to the Entertainment Centre at the 11th hour.  The set list was as follows:

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. Seven Days In Sunny June
  7. Starchild
  8. You Give Me Something
  9. Dynamite
  10. Use The Force
  11. Black Capricorn Day
  12. Love Foolosophy
  13. Main Vein/Time Won't Wait
  14. (Don't) Give Hate A Chance
  15. Alright (encore)

The Adelaide Advertiser website has already published a review where they sum up the gig very well:

"When it comes down to it, no one can beat that Jamiroquai groove when its at its best."

On Sunday night the band perform the last gig of this tour leg at the Supreme Court Gardens in Perth, Western Australia.

Credit: David Packer

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im eagerly awaiting the reviews now!

It says in the review they played virtual insanity but the set list doesn't show it? Do you know if they played it anyone? just curious..

They didn't play it.

That same interview was reprinted word for word in the Advertiser newspaper, but they left Virtual Insanity out of the newspaper version.

Sorry.... review, not interview. That teaches me for not previewing my post beforehand! ;-)

yeh.... on inthemix they posted a review and the person wrote the encore they played travelling without moving! buti think he was meant to say and as the encore they played alright from travelling without moving (1996)

Front Row center it was Funk'n awsome i even got to see him up close when he came down to the floor level.

I was about 3rd row a little to the right of the front and it was FANTASTIC!!!! Waited for 1 and a half hours after the show to see nothing but a speeding van full of band members who wouldnt stop for about 7 patient fans including a young child who got the drumsticks from the show and wanted to get them signed which was a little disapointing. Went to their hotel and met the whole band apart from JK who wouldnt come down stairs and the bass player! Very nice and friendly group of people. Lets hope they come back soon!!!

Thank you for clarifying the Virtual Insanity question David.. I didn't think they would have played it.. Some journalists need a kick in the pantzz..

yo i was right up front to the left..

anyone see the australia flag up on stage? IT WAS MINE!

now it is in the hands of jay LOL.... if anyone has pix of the gig PLEASE email them to me [email protected], would be totally appreciated.

Any one who has pics to it would be great if you could send them to [email protected] it twas a great gig and all i have is some pic from my phone because i thought cameras weren't aloud

One other thing, and I realise there is little to no chance that the band will read this, but I just want to personally thank the band for actually coming to Adelaide. The crowd turnout may have been poor (approximately 3000 in a venue that holds in excess of 8000) but it was nonetheless a passionate crowd who gave just as much to the band as the band have given to us. Hopefully (although I'm not holding my breath, which may be a little pessimistic of me) they take this into account when they next come back to Australia.

So yeah, thank you guys, on behalf of my self and the rest of the Adelaide Jamiroquai fan community, and we hope to see you soon. In Adelaide. ;-)


I cany believe they didnt played Virtual Insanity, it is one of the best songs and everybode knows it, was a hit....If they come to Mexico hey shoul play it

I saw the Melbourne Myer Music Bowl gig - which was great - a natural venue for a summertime vibes band! But we were a long way back and it wasn't very loud. Then I decided to drive to Adelaide fror the Dec 11 gig. We had seated tickets but after we all started dancing in the aisles the woman in charge of the ushers sent us down inside to the dancefloor. Biggest thanks to her for her good sense. We headed straight for front and right and got to about 3 rows back. Thanks Adelaide for bering such a great crowd. I'm sure Jay Kay and the lads will want to come back and play there again. The vibe was fantastic and everyone really friendly. See you next time!
P.S. It was wonderful to see the band with a relatively small but pumped up crowd. Here the entertainment centre is like a football ground.

Oops! That would we December 9! Sorry: it was a long drive back! If anyone got any pics I'd love to get a copy of even one! [email protected]
We couldn't see what JK was up to when he came down onto the floor...what'd he do (apart from grippin the flag)?

We drove for hours getting up before the sun and dodging kangaroos to get to Adelaide for the show. I am SOOOO glad they played in S.A. as the logistics of getting to the show elsewhere would have been, well lets just say "inconvenient" shall we. Now I think we know the true meaning of "awesome" - that performance. I don't know that the audience turn out was poor, it was obviously more than expected. (venue shuffle) It was amazing to be amongst a group of people so focussed on the band and all having a brilliant time. I think the smaller crowd made for a much better show. Adelaide audiences really know how to enjoy themselves!!! And I'm with David, thanks to Jamiroquai for bringing your music to us, in case you were unsure, (and assuming any of you read this) we REALLY appreciate it.


Wicked set! So impressed that they played some of their older stuff. Might have been were I was standing but the people around me didn't seem to want to dance, shame. (Didn't stop friends and I though!) Would have been 100times better at Memorial Drive but enjoyed it regardless.

And yep, the Hardhat was hilarious !!! Now HE was having and awesome time.

Any one happen to see the lighting dude hanging from the cat walk dancing to the music. it seemed every one enjoyed them self.

The lighting dude was having the time of his life!

I was up the front, 4th maybe 5th row back and a little to the left. There were people near me looking bored and not even moving just a little to bit 'The J'. I couldn't believe it, they were just taking up space where others, who appreciate GREAT music, could have been!
I loved it! I too had to travel 500kms or so... Totally worth it!
If anyone could email me photos also... [email protected]
Thanks Heaps!!!!

the 9th was my birthday, and the tickets were my prezzie. So as anyone who went could have guessed, it was the BEST BIRTHDAY EVER! especially since we were 2nd row centre! by the way, to anyone that was upfront in the que outside, I am one of the 'pizza guys' with the trilby hat!
Also..... I touched Jay Kay's arm!!!!!
I want his hat!

Caught the Perth concert on Dec 11th, just as fantastic as the adelaide concert but pietro you would be happy to know that J wrapped your Aussie flag around his waste for the encore performance of Alright and kissed it at the end!
Love to all this season,


Did anyone see those d**kheads wearing indian hats? I couldn't see past them! Next time guys think about the people behind you.

those indian hats where so damn hot, nobody thought of them. it wasnt me but i have to give them credit for the initiative. have a waaa sweetheart. JAMIROQUAI YOU FRIGING ROCK

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