FJLIS on The Fog movie soundtrack

Added on Monday 28 November 2005, 06:38 (GMT)
Feels Just Like It Should is one of the tracks played in Sony Pictures Entertainment movie The Fog.  The entire first verse and chorus makes it into the movie, which has to be better than the disappointing coverage that Deeper Underground got in the Godzilla movie back in 1998.
Credit: Roosevelt Carter,II

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just a question i hope can be answered
i believe for Titan A.E, everybodies going to the moon was featured on the soundtrack. when i was a bit younger and a more avid fan (one that would watch a movie just to hear his favorite band make the soundtrack) i would watch titan A.E and perk up my ears to hear the tune. i do not recall ever finding it in the movie. is there anyone knowledgeable on this subject that could possibly inform me of when it actually is played?
maybe i was just stoned

This is great news. !!

It was on Titan A.E., Goose. It's during the 'lunch table' scene with the main character and his alien buddy. But it's really, really low.

doesnt that figure, im suprised you could hear canned heat on napolean (if you will)
thanks for the heads up chris, i will have to review the movie for my records


i certanly agree in godzlla the tune was on a house and every body was only lying there

i hope that help the sales of dynamite

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