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Added on Sunday 27 November 2005, 21:20 (GMT)

The Australian newspaper has published a review of Jamiroquai's first gig in Australia as part of this tour leg - at the Forum Theatre in Melbourne on Thursday of last week.

Kay spoke of his appreciation of our country so many times, it was impossible to doubt his sincerity. ... Kay may love being in Australia but he's clearly sick of touring. This may be the last chance fans get to see him for some time.

The review can be read in full at The Australian website. 

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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"Kay couldn't restrain his bitterness for long, complaining about his months on tour in the US"

ummmm...they were here for 3 weeks.

bugger. i'm seeing them in Brisbane on the 6th, hope there's still a spark left :P should be right, tired and jaded they may be, jay and the band are still complete professionals when it comes to performing.

Deesha, it would seem you've taken that comment in the wrong context. It would appear that what Jay did was complain about his months on tour WHILST IN the US. Does that make sense? Hope that helps.

ah, i get it! thanks carl!

wait, i re-read it, and with the context around it, it can be taken either way, but it doesn't matter...the boy just need to go home and take a long, long nap. he'll be fine.


I am a bit saddened by all this news of Jay being so miserable. I know touring has to be tough but it is bringing me down. I am now scared that they won't return to the US in the Spring like they were promising at the shows. Oh well-we'll have to wait and see. They all need a couple of months off to revive themselves!!

Grind it out, boys, grind it out.

About the bad restruant experience....that wasn't relating it to their experience touring with U.S. audiences..

I agree Cosmic Girl...they just need a few months to refresh and comeback here so I can see them!

wow .... i have no respect for media article writers!

Yeah, it was hard work trying to find a reasonable quote to put in the news item, and its only because it was the first "review" i'd seen of the Forum gig it was just about worthy of a news item.

Yet another writer interpreting how they please. I'd say Jay is in a mid tour rut, he'll get out of it when he can see the (distant) end in sight. They gotta do London shows yet!

hey now..there are good journalists out there, this just wasn't one of them and most of the ones that write about jamiroquai aren't because 1. jay's personal life is such an easy target 2. they are lazy and 'assigned' the story, and not into the band to produce a good article. that's why i loved sola's interview..knowledgable interviewer.

Jay is a super star, all right; but besides having a special flair for music and dancing he's a human being like any of us: He has the right to feel tired, exhausted after touring for six moths. Being on tour is physically demanding and being away from home for such a long time could make any of us feel home sick. If any of us were in his shoes we would have also lost our sparkle. In other words, it might not be so serious: He`s just exhausted after so many gigs on a row. Let him rest for a while and we will have Jay just brand new.

Well, poorly written article or not, we know our favorite boy does not like touring for extended periods of time. It can be hard being on the road for weeks at a time, and if I had his gorgeous herb garden I'd want to be home too. So let's hope once he and the rest of the band go home, enjoy the holidays and get refreshed, they'll feel ready to roll for springtime in New York!

Let us all have a little faith! Jay and the crew will be reinvigerated by some Sydney sunshine and an explosive crowd of 20,000 on Saturday.
The US was no doubt a hard sell for Jay, and he is obviously feeling exhausted by having to market himself so intensly at this point of his career.
A little bit of creative freedom and a lot more time spent in Sydney and I think we will see the old Jay back and better than ever!

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