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Added on Sunday 27 November 2005, 11:57 (GMT)
In the Electronic Albums Chart (dated 3 December) Dynamite dropped two places this week to number 8 (weekly chart run: 2-3-3-3-4-5-7-6-8)

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Just to comment about Jay/Sony. After he is down with Sony, he should start his own small label.Featuring Funk,Acid Jazz,Soul,Latin Jazz,and dancable R&B. All the things he is known for.But this time it should be down in the U.S.A. Why the U.S simple it's the only place he has not conquered fully, secondly it's the home place of most of these music styles. When ever he prompt's in the U.S. It's not long enough to create a buzz. People always tell me after the listen to my jamiroquai albums, sure I would go see them.That's the guy with the moveing video right. Yes, you mean virtual insanity, that's it. That was so long age. You see my point is that people only remember you if you stay long enough to be remember. I know many of you will not agree with me. But when ever I DJ and put on a jamiroquai song people always say how much it takes them back. Funk and Acid jazz could get very big in the U.S but it has to be down right. Jamiroquai can do that. But they have to stay long enough to create a BuZZZZZZZZ.

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