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Added on Saturday 26 November 2005, 19:15 (GMT)

Drumming website, features an extensive interview with Sola where he discusses the on stage communication with Derrick (admits thatDerrick thought he had an odd name), confirms that a greatest hits album is on the way, gives an in depth insight to his teaching history and style and talks about what it is like working in the band with Jay...

"I tell you, if Jay was less successful at making people dance, he’d be taken a lot more seriously as a musician. He’s an incredible showman, but he’s also got this weird knack – you give him some difficult Jazz progressions, where someone else would want it simpler and more straightforward, Jay likes it as quirky and as mad and angular as possible. And he’ll still string a melody around it that’s so simple and catchy and funky and danceable. Jay’s got it going on all the time, his energy level is just frightening. The main thing about working in the band with Jay is that whatever he needs, he needs it NOW. If he wants a drum part, he’ll sing it to you and you have to play it back NOW, you can’t go home and work on it and bring it in tomorrow, you have to give it instantly. I tell my students who are into football, I feel like I’m playing in the Champion’s League: you get one chance to score a goal and you’ve got to take it. But it’s good. I enjoy that kind of pressure."

The full interview with Sola is featured at the Mike Dolbear Drums website.

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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what a lovely interview! I love this kind of technical descriptions, all the equipment, his way of playing, the beginnings...
I'll say something new :P

Sola, tell Jay I need to lose some weight, so get him to come over here and boogie on down with moi!!

i hope the band can comeback to the old times and reloaded now...

I agree, but... a little of innovation.

Sola and Derrick: The Soul Of Jamiroquai. Anyway, great interview, nice answers from Sola. Concerning the greatest hits, sony wants it and they'll obtain it. They don't consider Jamiroquai anymore. For Sony, they are just a normal band which don't sell in America. It's terrible. For the music, I hope the next album will be different from the two last (even if I like Dynamite). More spontaneity, more creativity, and more JAZZ energy with strings, Horns and a real percussion section, not a beat box... Cheers!

So this proves to the indifferent, that what looks to the uniformed as a casual groove is in actual fact a white water rapid ride of professionalism. Ah, how this interview and Sola's description of 'Sir' JK's artistic spontaneity just feeds my respect and love for the whole of Jamiroquai even more. What I wouldn't do to be a fly on the wall at one of these session . . . so long as I was out of arm's length of Derrick - who could fairly wreak a wicked slap with a fly swat !!!

this is a great interview. very detailed. i think it makes a HUGE difference that the interviewer/writer is actually knowledgeable about percussion and music, therefore engaging sola in good and thorough conversation.

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