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Added on Saturday 26 November 2005, 15:29 (GMT)
Face Up magazine cover - November 2005 issue

The November issue of Dublin teen magazine, Face Up, features Jay on the cover, with an interview that talks more about Denise, kicking cocaine, and drums up thoughts on wearing fur and possible ends with Sony.

Part of the article reads... 

On his 80-acre Buckinghamshire estate, he’s got chicken and lambs grazing in the fields, trout in the river, and potatoes, carrots, marrow, courgette, melon, strawberries and asparagus growing in his patches. And all this food, even the lambs, ends up on his table. “The lambs are born on the land, raised on the land, and slaughtered on the land. They live a great life. There’s no chemicals, the grass is green, the lambs are happy, and they taste so fabulous,” says the self-confessed ‘good cook.’ “We should have compassion in world farming. They consider human rights issues but what about animal rights issues?”

The complete interview can be read at the Face Up website. 

Credit: Deesha Dyer

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Well if i had known denise van outen was in the crowd in dublin! rooooooar . Nice interview

then jay is not ending with his music? he said "just because I´ve come to the end of the road with Sony doesn´t mean to soy that I wanna stop recording" is this mean that jamiroquai is still on the road? if this is truth then the world is happy again :)

I have a this interview he talks about animal rights, and that those rights are important....right? Then why is he slaughting these animals just to eat them? Where does the animal right go now???Man...mad luv and respect for Jay...but hes contridicting himself!!he raises...feeds them...talks bout what good life they live...just to get killed?...what in the world........
I'm sorry but I do not see any right for an animal in that statement....

peace,luv& life for every being on this earth....4real....

is it me or is the cover really cheesey? lol

when you smile in a mirror, you are confronted with a beautiful set of nice white choppers; these are used for slicing, and grinding flesh in order to eat. There is a difference slaughtering animals in a factory for 'mass production' as oppossed to eating the food that we 'need'. Yes, both get killed, but there is a form of 'dignity' involved.

please...what form of dignity?Thats a selfish thought right there, cuz a animal does not c anything from that...I dont know wat is worse. im gettin fed, on a nice litttle farm(wich I did not choose to have to be on-but thats a nother topic)and all of a suddon out of nowhere I get chopped and cooked and served on someonse plate, just because he wants to have some meat.And as far as I know...We(Humans) do not need meat to survive.Or, i am beein treated like food...this might sound worse, but I believe it comes down to the same thing. They get killed for your enjoyment(lust).
But everybody has to hold their own!
i just dont understand how happy he cant talk about it being ANIMAL RIGHTS....sorry but that just AINT RIGHT...


I feel your very young wired confused energy illadelphia. I won't argue, just acknowledge.

almost forgot...

When the native Americans killed an animal to eat, they give thanks to the great spirit, for providing he animal and it's food. I'm sure if it had fur, that would have been essential for clothing in such harsh environments. This practice still continues today. If yu can't see 'dignity', I'm sorry not to answer your question. Maybe you should take it up with indigenous cultures throughout this world.
All he best, zed.

..just checked spelling?????!!!!!
it's too early this morning.

aight...ZED: Aint nooooobody talkin bout natives of this country! Even though I know they gave sacrifice through animals-seeing it as something spiritual, I aint knockin on it as much right now. Now I dont support that, there are many diffrent ways you can give sacrifice with out having to murder an animal. and I believe in that very strongly. but they say old rituals that they have, they believe to require the blood of an animal. Wich I think is an man made decision anyway....just like lots of things are. But, to get back to the point, I am knocking on the fact that I feel like their is a contradiction going on in that Interview. I dont see how anybody can talk about animal rigts when they are still eating them!and personly contributing to their death!!I mean I'm glad they are, but get your mind,health,food...body straight before you go around and make serious statements about an topic like that!I'll take it up w indigienous cultures and westren cultures. If something aint right, something aint right, and thats a fact. but seriously...I was mainly just talking about his statement.
all the best to you too,

I'd hate to be famous!!! Everybody over analysing your every word and thought.It's crazy!!!!

I agree completely with Jacquie (above) Jay is one of the most caring and peace-loving guys (especially in that industry) to be famous? NOT ON YOUR LIFE!!! Damned if you do, damned if you don't!

Because I know jay is one of the most caring and peace loving guy in this industry I was sad-dissapointed to read it...but damn...its all good...I aint stressin it, he knows what hes doing right?so...aint no need to be comin at me!all i wanted to do is have a normal discussion.
To Jacqui:
I seriously dont care if your famous or not. I will talk to you or give you my opinion regardless. Cause you still are a human being!I aint overanalyzing his words cause hes famous...fuck dat!!
Anyway...Jay if you ever read this...I aint tryin to diss you...just wanted some clearity....but its all good!!
I guess we all have our opinions....


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