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Added on Friday 25 November 2005, 14:25 (GMT)

Here is the set list from Friday's concert at the Sidney Myer Music Bowl in Melbourne (Australia) where the band played for around 1 hour 45 minutes.

  1. Canned Heat
  2. Space Cowboy
  3. Cosmic Girl
  4. Revolution 1993
  5. Little L
  6. You Give Me Something
  7. Seven Days in Sunny June
  8. Dynamite
  9. Starchild
  10. Use The Force
  11. Love Foolosophy
  12. Black Capricorn Day
  13. Mein Vein / Time Won't Wait
  14. Don't Give Hate A Chance
  15. Alright
  16. Deeper Underground

On Monday the band perform at the AIS Arena in Canberra.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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Just got back from the music bowl, was the same set list, absolutely awesome!!!!!

Is it just me...or is 'you give me something' a rare song in terms of live performances??

I would like to have heard the performance of that song!

yea :) i went to this concert.
deeper undereground sounded so good :) a very thick bass really beating into my body.

jamiroquai really are their best in concert.

THESE SONGS ARE GREAT!! I wanna go to Melbourne right now!!

Is it me or is Cosmic Girl missing??

Michel: hmn, yeah, you're probably right. When Samantha wakes up Saturday morning I'm sure she'll be able to update us.

Who is opening for Jamiroquai in Oz?

Cosmic Girl was after Canned Heat, I think, not sure, but they definately played it....Im still peaking from last night...woooooohooooooo, I wanna go again!!! Jay, if you read this... come back to Melbourne soon, we loooooove Jamiroquai!!! I even had nice dreams about you *blushes* but Im not sayin what they were!!!! LMAO

Hi David - yes Cosmic Girl was after Alright, sorry for forgetting to put it in but I was quite tired after last night's concert.

Just want to say that I met up with some other Jamiroquai fans (Juliequai, Steve McFunk, SpaceCowboy Max) - thanks for a WONDERFUL concert!!!!!!

Azza, you might of seen me at the concert, I was right up the front with a huge Australian hat on (similar to the one from the 'Alright' but with an Aussie flag on it).


DISSAPOINTED,ive been a fan since the start, bought ALL the albums long before he became mainstream. This was my first Jamiroquai concert i was able to get to ever.Bought reserved seated tickets and was told it started at 4 pm. A 4 hr and 45 minute wait was ridiculous.I Lost half a days pay for no reason when we could have got there round 7pm to support the support acts. The sound was poor, too much reverberation which ruined the individual quality of the instruments being played,if the speakers had been turned down just a bit this would have come out beautifully. The most dissapointing thing was that JK just didnt connect with me. The music was fantastic but all he ever said when he wasnt singing was,'this next song is called',and some hatefull comments about George Bush preceding 'dont give hate a chance'.Isnt that what were trying to stop! some of us are sick of the left wing anti US stuff going round. JK,You have the chance to promote the environment like you first did,dont be a complainer like the rest of them, encourage us to get out there and promote enviromental care its up to us not them.
Jay Kay really didnt seem like he wanted to be there i felt something was missing, nobody with such great music could be dissconnected. I read today that his dog was sick and surely that must be the reason why.

If you read this JK your dog needs you and life is short,i think touring should come second.Im sure that spark that was missing was because of this and i hope you return to Australia with an even better concert next time

GREAT SHOW!!!!! but i wish they would have played virtual insanity .

stan, those are really honest comments. i like to read stuff that gives a perspective to the vibe that is displayed in different countries in front of different audiences. thanks for sharing.

yay Samantha, i did see you :-D
I will have to check my pics to see if you are in them
I wish i started posting at the forum a little earlier, i would have met up with you guys :)
Was there an after party???

Who was the support band? they were really great, i will go see them again, if i can find out who they are...

I think it's important to look at ALL aspects of what's wrong with our society and address them all - of course environmentalism is exceptionally precious (I am a big greenie!), but I feel inspired by all issues that are addressed within Jamiroquai songs (and songs by any artist for that matter with something to say).I only hope that Jamiroquai continue to promote their awareness of this world's 'going-ons' - especially political issues (including exposing Bush as the disgusting criminal that he is - checkout 9/11 if you haven't seen it). Although some people may view it as whinging, I really feel that it is DRASTICALLY IMPORTANT to keep the fires stoked and let a revolution burn into the heart and minds of everyone - even those who aren't necessarily willing to listen at first. I feel very passionately and strongly about this - because I don't like what our society stands for - I want music with such strong messages to prevail. I want people to wake up from their distorted dreams and free themselves.

Sorry to get all dramatically poetic on you guys, but I just had to express myself about this!

Peace and respect to you all

Princess Freesia :)

There sure was an after party - I couldn't go as I was with a 16 year old and knew that she wouldn't be able to get in and I've also got 2 young kiddies that were waiting for me at home - darn it I hate it when I'm so responsible lol :)


Awwwwwwwwwwwwwww that is so not fair..... Dont worry Sam, i had 3kids i had to pick up at 8am, but i would have gone to the party, if i knew about it *sighs* Such is Life

I am SSSOOO disappointed that I didn't go, but I know I did the right thing in my heart though - it would have been great to meet them but it wasn't meant to be - oh well, it'll give me something to look forward to next time they're here - and of course it'll be great to meet up with you as well :)


Its great to here through all the controversy in the recent articles the band is still producing killer shows.

Princess freesia ,i read your comments about jamiroquai promoting awareness of world issues and cannot say that they are really a band with this in mind,JK was complaining and ridiculing which makes him look small.In the beggining - read the inside jacket of emergency on planet earth - JK talked of a universal responsibilty.I have not seen this continued.Support for Gran Prix racing is hardly a stance of universal responsibility. Im not saying Jamiroquai have to be an issues band,id still love them if they were'nt but its disapointing when somebody has the ability to influence people into action and do good and that oppurtunity is lost, anger takes over and hate is given that chance.What good has come of JKs comments?,did he increase awareness i dont think so.
Perhaps i was too influenced by his early ideas,and have built JK up to be a kind of Peter Garrett of Midnight Oil fame. Be carefull of revolution ,it only consumes itself.Positive change is what im about.

Stan - I'm with you, believe me. I did read the inside jacket of EOPE (many times for inspiration) and I agree with everything you've just said. I guess I was looking to whatever positive messages JK is offering now. Yeah, he has lost something along the way, but I guess that's what this hardened industry can do to you.

The last time I saw them live (2 years ago - and twice!), I was blown away - the whole vibe was thrilling, and it inspired me even further to go and create my own music and spread the love. I've got tickets to the Brisbane Riverstage concert for next Tuesday night, so I hope that for one evening, the man and the music will once again give me something good and positive to take home with me. Cause that's what I need right now ;)

Peace and respect man


To Princess Freesia, enjoy next tuesday .maybe we should just be enjoying the moment and the music ,rather than getting too caught up in the issues.Hope its good ,you sound a bit down butIm sure it will lift your spirits. Best wishes to PF and JK fans. Just check those starting times ......Stan

yeah i went to the concert. have been a huge fan for 10 years. would have loved to have heard feels just like it should and twenty zero one, but was very excited to hear black capricorn day. he certainly lacked a bit of spark, but at the end of the day the man is a fair dinkum ledgend. they were tight and spot on all night - thanks kay jay for an AWESOME night :)

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