Jamiroquai mobile phone competition winner

Added on Friday 25 November 2005, 14:20 (GMT)
Sony Ericsson K600i handset and Sony Ericsson recently ran a competition to win one of 1500 limited edition Jamiroquai branded Sony Ericsson K600i mobile phone.

The winner of the competition, Stephen B from England, has now received his phone.

Thanks to all who entered the competition and stay tuned for another competition starting this coming weekend.

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Thanks David!
It's a great phone and Buffalo Man on the rear casing makes a great statement about who my favourite band are. It's great to win something for once!

Damn!! I never win anything!!!

Just kidding ;)

Congrats Stephen!

Stephen!!! congratulations!!!
what a funky phone!!!
I really wanted it..... d:D

Congtrats Stephen, i really wnated it too but now they've all sold out. You're lucky to have one take care of it and make a statement with it!

Congratulations Stephen, enjoy !!!

I would like to purchase either one of the special edition phones, this one or the W800i, but I think they all come with a contract and that is just no good for me. That's why I didn't even bother to enquire at the gigs, I do regret not having bought one then. Does anyone know if they are for purchase without contract ???


little H
Iv got a W800i not on contract! you can purchase these phones on ebay brand new boxed, can always check the phone stores but mite b more expensive!

exactly why not buy one instead of winning?
get one used.

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