Japanese tour leg ends, now to Australia

Added on Tuesday 22 November 2005, 11:19 (GMT)

Today (Tuesday) Jamiroquai leave behind them the tour of Japan and head down to Melbourne in Australia where they kick-start the final leg of their 2005 tour at the Forum Theatre on Thursday night.

I have not read many reviews from the Japanese leg of the tour but a good friend of mine from Tokyo felt that the Osaka Mother Hall concert on Sunday night was one of the best Jamiroquai concerts in Japan that he had been to in 5 or 6 years.

Here's hoping that the band rock Australia like on their previous visits and I look forward to getting some set lists and photos from the gigs up on the site.

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Its true about not getting any info from the Japanese fans on what went down! What about sharing the love? Maybe one of the guys will write something in their tour diaries.

Australia is going to be spectacular. It should be considered 'home-ground' for Jamiroquai - look at how many gigs the Australians have !!!

It is my personal ambition to attend a Jamiroquai concert in Japan. The fascination of Jamiroquai's obsessive Japanese fan-base appeals to me unendingly.

I would also like to see them in Italy and Argentina on their other impressive homelands of magnificent fans.

To conclude all I want to say is: Thank you Jamiroquai, thank you, thank you.

well well, sad that I am not in Australia, I would follow you anywere cause I love Australia and you Jamiroquai band... have a great time down under... ciao mate! kiss Jamira

I went to the concert in Osaka.The set list is almost the same as Canada, but Seven days in Sunny June was not played. Osaka Mother Hall concert was the best live performance in Japan! The show was awesome!
The band was up, everyone was dancing. We enjoyed the performance. Great gig!

Does anyone have any photos from the Japanese concerts for the gallery section?

Hello David,
In Japan,taking photo is not allowed @ the show...

well, it wasn't allowed to bring a camera in San Francisco, still I have 90 minutes of the show! c'mon guys, let the pictures flow

Marco Antonio, Japanese fans actually follow the rules. Not like us crazy American fans!

Here's to a great Australian tour.

COUNTING THE DAYS!!! i am seeing the band in Newcastle on the 30th and i cant wait!!! im driving everyone insane with my relentless Jamiroquai talk :P
I'll definately be taking pics and will be sure to post a few :)

Sash xx

I am flying down to melbourne from sydney to watch the band and then heading back up to sydney to watch the sydney show which is going to be huge (because the friday night show and saturday night show have been brought together)sydney is ready

marco antonio, how can we see the video you have? I was at the SF show and would love to re-live it.

Sydney is about to be funkafied!

YAY! Jay Kay is here in Australia WELCOME BACK. Can't wait for Perth show 11th Dec. Jamiroquai are leaving the best til last! This tour will rock like Vibes at Belvoir Ampitheatre (Perth)2002.

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