Rob Harris interview at Sound Control

Added on Tuesday 22 November 2005, 06:47 (UTC)
Rob Harris - SoundControl Play Magazine - Christmas 2005

Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris is interviewed in the Christmas 2005 issue of Play magazine, distributed by  Part of the article reads as follows:

Jamiroquai's live shows are quite fluid events, with Jay Kay taking his role as band-conductor as well as singer, orchestrating the songs as he feels fit on the night.  "Jay will break down tunes to just the bass and drums - he'll give you the opportunity to come up with different things to play over that."  This adds for a more entertaining live show, in particular for the band members.  "We don't ever seem to play the same set twice.  Even though the list might be the same, it's never the same two nights in a row,"  Harris says.

Scans of the full interview, together with photos are available on the downloads page.

Credit: Tim Peel

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