Rob Harris interview at Sound Control

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Rob Harris - SoundControl Play Magazine - Christmas 2005

Jamiroquai guitarist Rob Harris is interviewed in the Christmas 2005 issue of Play magazine, distributed by  Part of the article reads as follows:

Jamiroquai's live shows are quite fluid events, with Jay Kay taking his role as band-conductor as well as singer, orchestrating the songs as he feels fit on the night.  "Jay will break down tunes to just the bass and drums - he'll give you the opportunity to come up with different things to play over that."  This adds for a more entertaining live show, in particular for the band members.  "We don't ever seem to play the same set twice.  Even though the list might be the same, it's never the same two nights in a row,"  Harris says.

Scans of the full interview, together with photos are available on the downloads page.

Credit: Tim Peel

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i like Rob interview. Rob must be really really quick to follow Jay's ideas .I like the way they change tunes and sets in live shows. This makes each show's great!

I always knew that Jay was a clever little monkey, but his talents are shining more and more as the years go by. I am so proud he is one of London's boys.

Jolly good interview, I must say. Well done, well done, well done!

They are all such luverly boys!

Just goes to show how much time, energy, and creativity goes into making these songs that we adore. Such a talented group of indivduals and I am looking forward to hearing any new material that Rob or anyone else makes, seperately or as a band (preferably as a band though :p ).

separately* I couldn't stand seeing that misspelled. Sorry

Rob said "even though the list MIGHT be the same...": No Rob, the set list IS always the same. But you agree when you said that each concert is different in terms of sound. But in the former tour, the set list evolved and gave more strenght to the tour, with diversity and quality (In 97, they played stillness, TYTD,WYGL,BYM...,in 99 they played TYTD, butterfly,light years, virtual insanity or soul education frequently). This Dynamite Tour is really good but is not bold enough and lacks "originality", I mean with Horns and diversity in the set list, in order to break the habits taken in the past years (AFO tour). Last thing, in my opinion, play with an electronic drum set is not better than a real drum. For seven days, listen to the Derrick's performance on Jay leno and you'll see that Derrick really "makes the difference", like Jay said in TWM booklet. please Jay, GIVE DERRICK A REAL DRUM SET FOR NEXT ALBUM!!! See Ya Funkers!!!

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