Jay's getting a new Audi

Added on Sunday 06 November 2005, 08:04 (GMT)
According to an article at the Times (UK) newspaper website about the new Audi RS4 motor car which is soon to be released in the UK, Jay has already signed up to buy one for himself.

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that´s my jay ;) well done the car is not yet in the country and he already own it JAJAJA

I love Audi, BUT I DO think that he got too many cars!! he should sell half of them and donate the money!(I know he donates money and had been very generous) When men do shopping, worse than women!

I hope Jay doesn't drive too fast. Wouldn't want him to get hurt. He should buy whatever car he want at however much they cost. He is a great entertainer and apparently works quite hard. He deserves it.

Of course, he can spend as he wants, but it's not realy a good hobby to collect so many fancy cars...
anyway, Audi is a great choice, bravo Jay!

ALRIGHT.... so we hear a lot about Jay and his fabulous toys, but what about da band? Whats DEREK driving these dayz? And someone must know a thing or two about ROB's guitar collection...

I must Big-up King JAY-KAY on his new ,funky set of wheels.well done.keep the FUNK ALIVE !.JAMIROQUAI must come back to SOUTH-AFRICA for yet another tour.

good choice!
see you at the nordschleife!

jay dont forget put the car in a next video...

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