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Added on Thursday 27 October 2005, 20:35 (BST)
Jay - Nokia Theatre - New York City

Here is a brief summary of the progress of Jamiroquai's current tour of North America.

The tour kicked off last weekend with dates in Atlantic City and Boston.  A review of the Boston concert has just made it into the Boston Globe Newspaper, and I think it is great to see other members of the band mentioned in the review - "Sola Akingbola's intricate percussion on bongos, infusing Latin and tribal beats" and "Paul Turner's thumping bass". 

Photography agencies Getty Images and London Features International have added some photos from the Tuesday night New York City show to their websites, and there are some fan photos from Saturday night's concert in Boston available in the live gallery here at

Now that I am back in the UK I have to sort through all my photos with the intention of some getting put online at in the coming days but to whet your appetite, here is one photo from Tuesday night's concert in New York City. 

Jamiroquai are currently in Canada where they perform at the Montreal Metropolis on Thursday, and the Kool Haus in Toronto on Friday, before crossing the border back into the United States of America to perform at the Congress Theater in Chicago on Sunday.

Credit: Samantha Yemm, Diego Naccarelli

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thanks 4 great pix!!!!

"Toronto on Friday, before crossing the border back into North America?

Hate to break it to you, but Canada is part of North America too ;)

Teej: thanks for the geography lesson. It should be correct now, and feel free to tell me when I get it wrong next time!

David, we're looking forward to seeing all your photos, this one is just amazing. I'm sure you had a really good time:)

I've just had a closer look at Jay's head piece, and it looks like it's made from that super light carbon fibre; the material used for Formula 1 cockpits. Light as a feather, strong as hell.
Different to the 'metal' throughout the Funk Odyssey Tour.
The man is jumping higher!

hey zed ya be right with the carbon fibre which is used to make jays famous hat! its cool as hell!


Thanks David! You're a talented photograph! I hope you've enjoyed this US tour and have taken a great time with the band and all the fans! You're Dynamite!

Hey David! Great fotos in black and white! A totally new aspect! And a good article from Boston Globe. There still is a good article available in the net about the concert in Dusseldorf which names all the band-members on, too. Even if it is in german, it is quite good understandable.

Thanks so much for keeping us all in the loop!! This is a wonderful website-keep up the good work!!!!

"The Pope" is a genius!!!

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