BT Digital Music Awards 2005 results

Added on Wednesday 19 October 2005, 00:26 (BST)
BT Digital Music Awards Peoples Choice Shortlist

On a rainy Tuesday evening in London the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 were held, and unfortunately and Jamiroquai failed to pick up any of the awards. and were both shortlisted (in the top 6) in the People's Choice category, which is where I was asking you all for votes, and who could miss those banner adverts all over this site for the past few weeks!

Jamiroquai were the only artist shortlisted in both the Official and Unofficial sub-categories of the People's Choice Award, which is a superb sign of the support that both sites have had over recent weeks.  The winner of the Unofficial site award went to Depeche Mode fansite, and the Official site award went to Coldplay ( also made it into the awards programme booklet, together with a small screenshot.

In the Best Dance Artist category, the award was won by Gorillaz, who also walked away with the Artist Of The Year award. Full results are now available at the BT Digital Music Awards 2005 website.

Finally I just want to say thank you ever so much to each and everyone of you who voted, help promote the site by way of telling friends to vote, or by contibuting banner voting images to the site - it really means a lot to me.

Looking back at 2004, finished in 81st position, so being in the top 6 this year is a fantastic achievement.  Thank you.

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At least we tried....

David, these awards doesn't matter for me! Your constant work, your amazing site, all your passion are a great award for me and all the fans and we try to give you all our support and love as long as we can! Like the song said: You're simply the best!!! Cheers and long life to FUNKIN!

Don't worry, we're the best, always..

Funkin rocks! hopefully there is always next year! Keep all the good work up guys!!! Like Funkadelic says YOU'RE SIMPLY THE BEST!! Geting to see my banner design on this site was excllent! thanks david!!

Yes, you're the best!! let's not think about those awards and Jamiroquai are always unique!

I agree with other people! This is a great site!!! For me it's the real site about Jamiroquai, the best band of the world!!!!!!

I agree it doesn't matter that Funkin and Jamiroquai didn't win anything but coming in the top 6 was a great achievement. No award can show how much we appreciate David's work cos its far too much!

I guess everyone is right is the first site I visit when I enter the internet.. and this is not just for me!!!
And being the top 6!! That's just great anyway!!
Davis, thank you so much for your brilliant work on AND on!!
Next year we'll do it !!! For shure!!

Don't worry, we're the best, always...i cant say sometin better
thanks for this site, thanks for support jamiroquai always
thanks for all

C'mon, this site is the best on the web!!

Jamiroquai is not for all the people... only for a selected group: WE !!!

No todos los corazones están preparados para amar a jamiroquai.

pah! it's their loss! funkin and jamiroquai are simply THE BEST without a doubt and anyone whos says different is just lying

Commiserations all round. To do what funkin has done has helped prove to the uniformed that Jamiroquai are exceptional. We are all proud of what Mr. Rowe and funkin have achieved. We sincerely appreciate everything that Mr. Rowe does for the fan-base and for Jamiroquai. *** a loud applause echos rapturously from Little H's household ***

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