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Added on Tuesday 18 October 2005, 09:58 (BST)

This is a notice to let you know that for the new few days there will not be as many frequent updates to as you have come to love (and expect!).

This is because I'm taking a short vacation to both Boston and New York (hmn, guess what I'll be going there for).  If you happen to bump into me then please say hello, as I'll be the (6'4") tall person taking photos at the concerts. 

If you email me then I will try and respond as soon as possible, but please expect a slight delay.

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Have a nice vacation!! Enjoy the US Tour.

Good vacations and buen viaje!!!

Have great vacations David, and enjoy all the Jamiroquai concert in US! Good Vibe Zone :) :) :)

have a great time in the us! liking the new design of the website! enjoy all the concerts!!!!

Hi David,it's fabulous to go to us! it's was my dream to see jamiroquai there! Take a lot of photos!
Good vacations!!! I like your new webwite with the new design and blue color!
Take care and enjoy
Jean-Pierre France

see you in a week david. i hope you and sharon have a safe flight and enjoy boston!

Yes, take more pics, and tell them to come back to Europe again for touring!

Have a great time sir!

Hell! I would give a lot to be there, too!
Have a nice time in the United states, Im looking
forward for your Impressions from the US-leg of the tour!

Have a great break and enjoy the awseme perfermance thet I'm sure the band will put on.

Hope you have a wonderful holiday! :D

too bad you arent coming any further west man. enjoy the shows, and keep us updated on the sets if at all possible!

Yeah I had hoped to see you and Sharon this time around, but I hope you guys have a wonderful time on the East Coast. Take care David & Sharon!

Woo Hoo!!! I'll be in Atlantic City checking them out Friday night!!!! I'm soooo excited!!! Will you be there????

Happy travelling boys and come back to us safe and sound!!

Have a great vacaction David! Loving the look of the site at the mo :)

Gonna miss the updates but i'll get by! Have a great time David u deserve the break and i'm likin the new design, good 2 have a change!

Sure wish I could join you. It would be a small trip up there (that I am willing to do), but I am flat broke :( . Have some fun for me! and take some nice pictures ;)

My girlfriend's currently working in Philadelphia, so she's taking some of her American colleagues to see them in Atlantic City on Friday. God's know what they're going to make of a multi-racial band that doesn't perform rock, pop or hip-hop. "Oh my God, you mean there are like, other types of music?"

enjoy the holidays
see you soon
keep on funk

Too bad you can't come to L.A. they are already sold out here.

I think you were standing in front of me in Boston! Were you by the speaker in a suit? Jay looked over and waved hi to you after coming from back stage at one point?

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