Derrick McKenzie interview

Added on Monday 03 October 2005, 10:17 (BST)
Derrick McKenzie

The Mike Dolbear Drums website has just put online an interview with Derrick McKenzie which was done following the Clapham Common concert in London from early August.

Derrick talks about many different things, including the exact details of the drum kit that he now uses (Yamaha), and also talks a little about his recent work with French artist Francis Lalanne (Derrick did a lot of production and mixing of his album).  When asked what it is like working behind the mixing desk in a studio and not behind a drum kit he said:

"I really enjoyed it!  The hours are long, but it’s like what I do at home.  When I write at home I take my time and sort things out.  I wrote three tracks on this album which originally were just ideas to give to Jamiroquai but what I did was just re-adapted them and re-wrote them and gave them to Francis and he really liked them."

Finally, Derrick also briefly mentions touring in 2006.  The full interview with Derrick is featured at the Mike Dolbear Drums website.

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Thanks David for this link! Derrick is just thaaaa man! The best funk drummer with John Blackwell!

Aaaahh! Now I get it! I was wondering was is Francis Lalanne doing at the Jamiroquai Concert in Paris on 23th.September....
Great to ear that!

very interesting interview

You are great Derrick !!!!!!!!!!

and your arms to

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