Update from Derrick McKenzie

Added on Sunday 02 October 2005, 23:05 (BST)

I have today (Sunday) received an update from the tour courtesy of drummer Derrick McKenzie.  He says the following... 

Hi David and all you fans,

Just sitting in my room in Salzubrg today waiting to go to soundcheck.  We played a gig last night in Bologna it was a good one and the Italian crowd loved it as always - they never let us down!!!!!! I am having a great time on the road this time round and playing a hell of a lot better than before thanks to Mr Paul Turner "Groove Master". The band is sounding great all round and we are all looking forward to tonight's show. We did an overnight to Salzburg which took the good part of eight to nine hours so was not in the best of shapes coming off a bus half asleep.  Light years went down a storm last night considering we haven't played it in bloody years it still sounds as if we have been playing it throughout the whole tour!!!!  We do look forward to the tour and hitting America, Japan and of course Australia and entertaining you all. I would like to say a big thank you to all the fans who have bought the new album and the old ones and supporting the band for the pass 13 years, Also I would like to thank all people that have turned up to our gigs and supported the tour so far - it means a lot to the boys and myself and I can't wait to start all over again in 2006.  Take care for now and if I have a spare few minutes I will give you all another update.  Take care for now Derrick

OK, it sounds like touring plans for 2006 are being prepared, which is excellent news to be hearing...

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That was a nice letter he sent to all of us, with a nice teaser at the end... Another tour in '06... Makes me wonder if the U.S. will get a 2nd go-around... hmmm...

Thanks Derrick, Mister Groove! You give Jamiroquai a sound and an energy that nobody else can give. You're the best! Thanks and see you on tour during the 2006 Dynamite tour...I hope soooo

Hi, I would like to read the tour will include SouthAmerica next year!!

the gig in salzburg (yesterday) was fantastic...greets from austria

what does this mean: a tour in 2006?? is this the second part of the dynamite tour or what do we have to expect??
But this is just great to hear... I love this concert for me: Saturday in Bruessels!!can't wait to be there..hehe!!
And this was really a nice letter, thank you very much!!!

it's always good to hear from or about (referring to the interview) other members of the band. 2 more weeks until they touch down here.

This is excellent news. I hope that the band are gonna do a few more gigs in the UK next year, as they havn't actually done that many this year.

Derrick = Love

Tanks Derick,

Jamiroquai is nothing wihtout you.

Care you in te tour...

I hope too that this will mean more UK dates-maybe this time round i'll get to go!!!!

please say that ther are going to b more uk dates!!!! that would be so great!!

Is Derrick indicating he plays better with Paul than with previous bass players ? If so, does he mean having played with session players (as on the album) or a certain bassist NF ?

hy fans! Where can i find the intro from the Dynamite tour?

In the "Late Night Tales"

Woooohoooooo!!!! woooppeeeeee!!! 2006.......nearly spat my brew out in shock when i read that.....come on!! get in there, they certainly kept that deeper underground lol...!!!. Hope were not getting ahead of ourselves here!

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