Jay hurts his hand

Added on Monday 19 September 2005, 09:57 (BST)

Following the concert in Lille (France) on Saturday night, Jay cut his right hand and wrist. He had to go to hospital in Hamburg (Germany) and has a number of stitches and a bandage on his wrist.  This is clearly shown in a number of photos from Sunday's concert in Hamburg which are available at

The setlist from the the concert is also available at Jamirotalk. 

Credit: Monika Stuwe

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There's also a photo of Jay at the Hamburg concert at


awww poor Jay. Hope he's better soon.

Still wont stop him putting in a great performance!!!!

There are a large number of photos online here at the local sponsoring radio station NDR2 website. Thanks to Monika Stuwe.

Aww, poor guy, why would he cut his wrist? i hope it doesnt affect his career? was it accidental?

anyone else think "devo" when looking at all those small red hats? :) cant wait for nov 1!

Just gotta agree with QF, get better soon Jay but the guy still goes on with the gig. Don't think it was on purpose must have been accidental(or i hope so), why would he wanna end his life now when things are lookin better then ever?

well, he did say in 'picture of my life' 'through myself at the sky, so at last i can die...' it's all gone a bit funny :S how can he want to die when things are looking as if there just gonna keep getting better???

Oh dear!

Jay is a badass, and kiks major ass, and he would never cut himself on purpose and shouldnt kuz he pownes so much. Come on the guys a Master at his work, i just had to say that, and i realy need jays shoes kuz the guy dances awsome. K laterZ!

There are more photos of the Hamburg concert at:-

* Abaca Press -
* Rex Features -


haha why on earth would he cut himself? i really don't think he's the sort. he's smarter than that. you know it funny i've cut my hand real bad too before. but that was cause of my own stupidity. haha. this full body length bathroom mirror fell when i banged into it by accident. and i dorkily stuck out my hands trying to catch it, but got a nasty gash on my right thumb. thankfully it didn't cut the tendon or i'd have to get a full blown operation. but it was funny.

good luck jay from all your fans around the world
we hope u feel better soon

Here is how it was reported by the Associated Press agency:

Jamiroquai Singer Slashes Wrist

DUSSELDORF, GERMANY-September 21, 2005 - He says he was traveling to Hamburg, Germany, when he fell on the bus and cut his right hand on a sharp piece of an air conditioning unit. He says he was cut "virtually to the bone" and he could see the tendons.

He's all patched up now, but he says after 15 years of using his right hand to hold a microphone, it's strange having to switch to the left.

Jamiroquai have just released a new album called "Dynamite." He's hoping Americans will hear more about this one than the last one, because that one happened to be released on September Eleventh, 2001.

And in case you were wondering, "Dynamite" has nothing to do with "Napoleon Dynamite," which featured the Jamiroquai song "Canned Heat" in Napoleon's big dance scene. Kay says he hasn't even seen the movie.

(Copyright 2005 by the Associated Press. All rights reserved.)

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