Jay: I want an airport

Added on Sunday 18 September 2005, 15:05 (BST)

The Sun newspaper (UK) reports that Jay wants an airport in the grounds of his house!  He is quoted as saying:

"I'd love to have a whole airport in my back garden. I'm definitely developing more of an interest in planes. You can only go so fast on tarmac."

Nice story, but I'm sure that Jay's neighbours wouldn't be too happy with a runway nearby, especially after the problems with his go-kart track almost a year ago.

Credit: Samantha Yemm

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so you are rich, but can't do anything... tse tse!!

it's crazy to do an airport in your backgarden, the noise will f*ck the entire place, the animals and people living around

he should just buy a house in jumbolair in florida, its a big private airport with lots of houses round it and everyone parks there plane's out side there house then just jumps in, taxi's onto the runway and fly off wherever they want, john travolta owns a house there

jay, i know u love for the fatest things...but why not u spen ur time in use the money for help the world??????
in this time when many people in the world is poor and the ambient is goin down with the usa contamination i think u can help greenpeace or unicef and others un-official organizations for help the world now...
dont forget the iroquois philosophy, the planet now is in a emergency and really really need help...
think that
good luck

Jay, its great you want an airport. i want one to but theres a little problem about money.
See you in brisbane


A airport? Hey Jay, you don't think it's a little bit too much? And your love of the nature, It's gone? Stop It going on!!!

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