Tour diary update

Added on Saturday 10 September 2005, 11:45 (UTC)

Rob Harris has added a new entry to the Jamiroquai tour diary, written very early this morning (Saturday) in Manchester.  In addition to talking about how the UK gigs are going, and also about the forthcoming trip to the US...

"I just realized its Sept 10th.  This day 4 years ago we played the Hammerstien Ballroom in New York. Sorry to bring it up but it's a strange feeling.

As you'll probably all know by now we finally have some dates to get back over to the US. The guys and girls are real excited about getting over there afterall,its been quite some time.  I have read forums in the past were we've been getting a hard time for not going there during the AFO tour. I can't explain the reasons of why we didn't go but i can say that we truly wanted too. I'm just glad that i get to tour the US,something i've always wanted to do but till now have never had the chance."

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