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Added on Saturday 10 September 2005, 11:45 (BST)

Rob Harris has added a new entry to the Jamiroquai tour diary, written very early this morning (Saturday) in Manchester.  In addition to talking about how the UK gigs are going, and also about the forthcoming trip to the US...

"I just realized its Sept 10th.  This day 4 years ago we played the Hammerstien Ballroom in New York. Sorry to bring it up but it's a strange feeling.

As you'll probably all know by now we finally have some dates to get back over to the US. The guys and girls are real excited about getting over there afterall,its been quite some time.  I have read forums in the past were we've been getting a hard time for not going there during the AFO tour. I can't explain the reasons of why we didn't go but i can say that we truly wanted too. I'm just glad that i get to tour the US,something i've always wanted to do but till now have never had the chance."

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Yes mister Rob, many fans are waiting for your venue in america!!! But please, don't forget south america, there is also a lot of fans!!! Keep the funk

I never planned on commenting on anything I read on this lovely site, but I felt compelled to share this. On Sept 10th,2001, I was supposed to attend the concert at the Hammerstein Ballroom, but I just started a teaching gig and wanted to catch up on paperwork. I had been looking forward to this show for weeks, but I thought to myself, "I'll catch them another time." On Sept. 11,2001, my beautiful city changed forever. The paperwork became insignificant, and I spent the following weeks trying to assure my students that we were going to be all right. Life is so precious, and the little pleasures we allot for ourseles shouldn't be taken for granted. So, suffice it say, I will be looking forward to putting down schoolwork for a few hours on Oct. 24th and enjoying one of life's little pleasures- a fun time with a great band! Hope to see my fellow New Yorkers there.
Peace to everyone, all around the world.

Please don´t you forget all your fans in Latinoamerica, specially in Chile; we have been waiting you for 8 years to a new fantastic concert!!!!

please jamiroquai COME TO LATINAMERICA¡¡¡¡¡¡¡¡

9/10/01 - i sat thinking the same thing 2 days was 4 years to the night that i screamed and yelled and danced in the front row of the hammerstein show. stood in line for hours...i made it home that night because i made the last train. thank god. we welcome you back guys and look forward to seeing you!

hi any one goto Jamiroquai at the MEN Manchester??
They were Fabb, great night the crowd were really Funked up, Jay was his usual Hyper self, but brill,Jay kept handing out bottled water to all those Lucky enough to get to the front, (nice tuch Jay) My wife came too she really enjoyed the night too,
Can any 1 list the exact set please for me ? as i was lost in the Funk and can`t quiet remember the tunes?

went to cardiff gig last night blew me away. Reminded me of old skool underground parties of the 90's thanks for taking me back. Jay kay spoke for all when he made comments about bush. I say we should grow hemp produce natural oil and take oil barons like bush out.

Went to the gig at M.E.N,and what a night.WOW!.Its been about nine years since i last saw J.K live at kentish town.But a top show yet again(even the wife enjoyed it)Met some brill people,and to top it off i was right at the front dancing my socks off.KEEP IT UP JAY

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