Meet Jay Kay in London - 14 September

Added on Saturday 10 September 2005, 18:49 (BST)
Sony Ericsson K600i handset

On Wednesday 14 September, Jay will be at the Orange mobile phone shop at 71 Kings Road in London (England), to launch the new eagerly awaited Jamiroquai limited edition K600i 3G handset from Sony Ericsson on Orange. 

Part of a press release issue by Sony Ericsson reads:

There will be 1,500 limited edition Jamiroquai handsets available, with 1,000 available at selected Orange shops and 500 online at

The special edition phone, specifically produced by Sony Ericsson for Orange customers, features the usual full functionality of the K600i, as well as the distinctive Jay Kay Buffalo Man image on the reverse.  Additionally, all are embedded with a Jamiroquai theme, animated wallpaper and exclusive video content, and packaged in an embossed silver sleeve.

On launch day, Jay Kay will be on hand at the Orange shop at 71 Kings Road in London to welcome the first purchasers of the phone – and to sign copies of any K600i phones purchased and his new album Dynamite.

Here are the details of exactly where and when, if you want to come along:

  • Date: Wednesday 14 September 2005
  • Time: 11:45 until 13.00
  • Address: Orange Shop, 71 Kings Road, London SW3 4NX

This looks like it will be very similar to the launch of the Sony Ericsson W800i Walkman phone where Jay met fans and signed autographs on 12 August at the Carphone Warehouse store in central London.

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OOOFFFFFFFFFFTTTTTTT!!!!! WHY IS IT ALWAYS IN LONDON!!!!!!! clearly that's so inappropriate! :P
#festers in horror#

Lol - I'd love to go to this - but I can imagine Mr Kay running in the opposite direction if he sees me coming again!!!

Have a great time everyone who goes!

hes a manc....we want him here with us in manchester! there are orange shops here nights concert rocked as usual. love jk - he's the man

Why would they do them when people are all at work/school??? it's not fair! I agree with u QF. I only got to go last time because it was summer hols!

Is there any site with more info on the fone? The Orange site don't say much like how much it cost- seriously considering getin one cos of the logo on the back of the fone, how cool is that?

would so love to go!! come to manchester jay!! like u said at manc concert u'v come home!!!! gig was on top form last night!!! got rite to the front!! fab!!! everyone who was there seemed to have a great time!! cant wait till next gigs!!

funk soul i was at the front 2, ive sent david some pics so u shud see them here 2!!!!

carl helms- nice one i decided not to take my camera which i was abit gutted about! so will take a look at yours!! what did you think of the support band, bit more rock then funk. but was the first time iv seen them! was jus blown away!

El Presidente were amazin!!! Ive pics of them 2, all in good time!!! :) where nr the front was u? If you was going to the stage, I was on the left..[from the bands POV, i was on the right]

looking at the stage i was on the left!! but here the middle sort of. three people in front of me! could'nt belive i got that close! might of seen ya but didnt know. if you could please could you send me some of these pics! at [email protected] if ya could!! that would be great!

do u have 2 win them? or can u buy them to???

QF: you can buy the phones from

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