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Added on Thursday 08 September 2005, 19:46 (BST)

Rob Harris has added a new entry to the Jamiroquai tour diary, written following the first night of the UK tour in Birmingham.

"The set went well but i still feel the we could do a little tweaking in the running order of the songs.  We did a version of Loveblind, slightly experimental but fun too play.  All of the new songs from Dynamite seemed to be received well." Please visit for the full story...

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pues saludos fans de "jamiro" desde la tierra del taco y el mariachi esperamos con ansias su gira por aca, ya tien rato de la ultima visita, esperemos que ya se digne visitarnos cuidense mucho y Arriba Mexico Cabrones y arriba Las Chivas.

Made a 330 mile round trip up to Birmingham to see Jamiroquai last night & what a tread it was. This is the 1st gig Ive been to & it was fantastic. I've watched the DVD's but to see them live was truely excellent.
Jay can pull some moves & is a great performer.
If you get to see Jamiroquai on this tour then I hope you enjoy as much as I did.
All the best

Brilliant diary entry!!!!!

Just back from SECC, the gig was awesome, highlights for me were Love Foolosophy,and Alright.

I think that is the best i have ever seen the band.

Down point bar closed at 10pm, don`t they realise we`re scots , aye o.k probably for the best.

Rob is honest and I like that. I really enjoy reading him.

SECC gig last night was awesome. The absolute best track of the night however was Dynamite. The whole crowd joining in, the bass, the guitars. Man it was awesome. Second best would have been Dont Give Hate a Chance which sounded fantastic - bass especially. Oh and Time Wont Wait!! That was amazing as well.

Other highlights for me were Love Fool which I didn't enjoy last time live (2002) but I think Paul Turner has breathed some new life into it and Virtual Insanity which I dont think they didn't played the last time.

Love Blind had a fantastic intro which verged on a bit of Doctor Who, verses were a bit flat but choruses were brilliant.

If you're going out to see the band in the next few months you wont be disappointed.

Went to the gig at the NEC Arena on Wednesday, wat a gig Jay Kay and the gang lived up to all expectations and delivered a performance I will never forget.

All the new tracks off the dynamite album were fantastic and the old clasics like space cowboy and cosmic girl just could not be missed what a night travelded up all the way from kent and all the way back still had his albums balsting out at max vol FROM START TO FINISH.

The 2 tracks i missed the most are my own personal favourites picture of my life and tallulah but they have never been big hits, shame though as both great tracks.

To all who are going have a great time and a good funk you wont forget it.

Am I doing something wrong but last update was august.

Tim: the title should say "Dynamite Tour Diary 8/9/05". It's probably confusion over US/UK day/month/year date formats.

Appears I was looking at a cached copy of the website, press refresh button and hey presto there was the new entry. Was hoping Rob might have mentioned meeting me outside the venue - very nice guy (so was Matt) - had to name drop that I meet them. :-)

Watched jay kay at manchester men last night (10th september) and it was just awesome, im still on a high today!!!!

saw jay and the gang at nec, thought they were out of this world i cried when jay came on the stage hes sooooooooooo fit. the highlight of the night was black devil car as i had made my own t-shirt with 'push a little thrust up me' on the front and jay saw it. cant wait to see them again.

Alwayz gotta watch and listen to jay kay when ever he is on tv or radio, he is so fitt! He has this thimg about him that makes him so appealing! ummmm...!

Alwayz gotta watch and listen to jay kay when ever he is on tv or radio, he is so fitt! He has this thing about him that makes him so appealing! ummmm...!

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