Dynamite - fan created 'cover' version

Added on Thursday 08 September 2005, 11:01 (BST)

I'd love to help share with Jamiroquai fans a superb cover version of Dynamite (2.7mb MP3), including elements of Mr Moon, Seven Days In Sunny June and You Give Me Something - all in one song lasting just under three minutes!

Chris Manias from Sydney, Australia created the track, with all bass, guitars, keyboards, vocoder, percussion and vocals are performed by himself.  To create the track he used the following software:

  • CubaseVST 32
  • Synth, Clavinet - Reason
  • Fender Rhodes - EV73 plug in (using a phaser affect)
  • sound effects & synths - Pro 52 plug in

The track was finally mastered using TREX mastering software. 

I know that there are many bands out there that cover Jamiroquai tracks but I really believe that Chris has done a fantastic job in putting a number of Jamiroquai tracks together into one composition.

Have you got any home made musical creations that you'd like to share?  If so, please feel free to put your track online (perhaps using a service such as if you do not already have webspace anywhere), and then post the URL (using if necessary to make it shorter) as a comment against this news item. 

To start it off I have added a link to a pretty funky home made remix of Canned Heat.  Now it is your turn...

Finally, please don't email me any MP3 files - just add the URL of your file on the site using the comments facility.  Thank you.

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Here is the URL to a nice and funky 2 step remix of Canned Heat, courtesy of Dario Gomes from Brazil.


Chris, you've got the groove in your hands!!! And you sing very well. Great vocal effects and the way you play bass(great slap) is sooo funky! Man, you're on the right way!!!

link doesnt work??

I don't know why you are having trouble with the link, but try this one, which is on a different server:

Awesome mate! Astonishing bassplay, and love the Rhodes and effects, very faithful vocals, sublimely mixed! But most of all VERY FUNKY!!! (Yes!!!!) Hats off to you!

I must say that is really impressive!! I was very sceptical while I waited for it to download but I must say I was pleasently suprised. My hat goes off to you Chris.

Where did you get those programs cos I fancy myself as a bit of a singer but I am totally illiterate when it comes to using software.

Keep it funky,

@Chris: Cool stuff man!!! Groove on in down under!
Cheers from Hamburg, Germany!

yeah! the bass is too funky, great slap, pawap pawap pow!!CONGRATULATOINS CHRIS from Sidney.

I agree with you, puts a new edge on a already brilliant song, is there anyway of downloading this?


Andy: you should be able to just right-click, and "save as" (provided you're using a PC).

wow men!!!!! that cover is just A-ma-zing!!!!!!

Yeah, i agree too its great. When i read about it i weren't too sure but its sooo funky!!! Great work!

Hi there,

Here is a cover version of 'High Times' played by my band Groovejet. Yeah I know crap name but what the hell!



awesome dynamite mate. well done. nice ideas with the merging.....hope u go a long way : )

Nice work. Worthy of submission to Same goes for the Groovejet cover.

Not bad..

Hey Id like to congratulate you for the great work youve done mate!!!! It´s GREAT!!
sooner I´ll add some of my covers to this site!


Nice work!

Hey guys, thanks for the feedback!!! can't wait 2 see Jamiroquai in Dec...the last concert at the Opera house Sydney was WICKED!

Oh i just love the sound! Honestly it amazing, good ver ver good work Chris Manias and crew. Keep it going and please, for our sake, MAKE A FULL TRACK of the Dynamite tune. Absolutley lovley!!!

1000:nd cheers!

Cicky ady plip di plip that was AWSEM!

this is GREAT :D. Grinning like mad here. I'm loving the bits when it launches into Mr Moon! Well, I like all the songs that are mixed in - but it's the MM bit that gets me smiling!

Fantastic work.

Okay - I'm off now - going to go and "spam" all evening :)

CHRIS!!! hats off to you .... d :)
keep groooooving!!!

Hi man, Ive been listening to your tune a day looong now and I just want it more and more, please do a full track of all four tunes. Beggings from Sweden.


The funk is into you!!!CONGRATULATIONS from a little frenchgirl

Oh my God! I'm so excited that Jamiroquai is coming back to tour the U.S.! I just bought my tickets!

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