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Added on Monday 05 September 2005, 21:35 (BST)

A website all about Jamiroquai, and with a big dedication to guitarist Rob (Harris) has just re-launched at  The site is in Spanish, with just  "Robs Zone" currently in English, although it is hoped that the rest of the site will one day be available in English.

The site will be hosting audio downloads which will change on a frequent basis, so why not visit the site, have a look around and then go visit the new Spanish Jamirolive forum.

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I would like to give special thanks to david for helping us to promote the site. I hope that the people could enjoy with the website.
Thanks to everybody who has supported the site since the first day!

Hi my friends !

Welcome to

Thanks to David Rowe for your support and to Rafa Tamarit for your jamiropassion.

Here we are!

The spanish starchilds are now pleased to anounce this released website. We are well known for showing our "please *child" handmade poster in three live gigs in Spain!!! (you can see it at

We'll apreciate our visit, and your login as a starchild member too!!! Thanks for supporting the band and the communities fan sites, and we'll see you soon (at of course).

Keep it funky!!!

I dunno what your fascination with Rob Harris is. I think the older Jamiroquai sound like in Emergency on planet earth and Return of the Space Cowboy is by far the more superior. I think that Simon Katz did as good a job as Rob, now don't get me wrong I love jamiroquai and the new album but I don't think Rob revolutionised the band.

P.S I have seen him live also before you suggest that LOL

heyyyy goood to see this site back uplone eyy taramit

Hi Arnhem Man!!!

It's great to start an argument about that interesting question. We respect all fans and his preferences. That's no doubt, and it isn't no point on this.

Replying your comment, on "Rob's zone" at we are NOT claiming that jamiroquai's SOUND was better or worse before Rob arrived at Jamiroquai. Most part of us have grow up hearing older discs (I started hearing first The Return of the Space Cowboy). It's a simple question of apreciating a MUSICIAN and his "magic". We are sharing our opinion, and we are agree that isolating the actual guitar notes (Rob's performances), you can find it clearer and brighter than Simon Katz's ones. It's a question of being a better guitar than others, and Rob it's really a good one. You only have to have a look at the high level of groups that Rob have joined before being inside Jamiroquai, and you can realise that Rob was already really appreciated for his talent in the music world! And, unfortunately, we can't say the same for older Jamiroquai's guitarists...

Anyway, Each one has his musical preferences, and it's a place to share it.

So Arnhem Man, welcome to !!!

Yes! Another Jamiroquai website made by fans! Very good work men, your site is beautiful, with nice pictures.But I don't understand spanish very well and I would like to know if a download section is available and where? thanks and long life to Jamirolive!!! Cheers

Thanks a lot, Funkadelic!

We are working to have the web available in english too as soon as possible. Try to have a look in a few weeks just to see what happens. ;)

About yor question, we are making some server arrangements, and we are now offering only one live song in the section "live", right down at JAMIROLIVE BOOTLEG DOWNLOAD. But you and everybody have to read (or at least know) our legal policies at "Notas sobre legalidad" (copyright legal information). We are defending the musical interests, but we love gigs, and we try to share it.

Keep it funky!


Thanks rauloquai! Totally agree with you concerning the legal information. I also defend the music and his rights and I only talk about a download section with live songs which are not sold. Anyway, Thanks for answering and long life to Jamirolive!!! Bye :)

Thanks all the people and... don´t forget send yours "momentos jami" (jamiromoments) to [email protected]


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