Jay's lost without his Denise

Added on Monday 05 September 2005, 21:12 (BST)

In an article at the Daily Snack website (which is part of the Daily Star and Express UK newspapers), Jay apparently wants to get back with Denise Van Outen.  Part of the article reads...

Jay split from Denise in 2003 and now admits he’s concerned their busy work schedules – and press attention – will make a reunion difficult.

But the hat-loving singer insists they are older and wiser than they were when they first fell in love. And if Denise feels the same way, he’s prepared to give their relationship another shot.

"She's my ideal woman. We were always laughing and I love her to death. The years we spent together were the best of my life. We were a fantastic couple and I would love to have that again."

Credit: Andrei Andrade

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YAY!!! That would be top if they got back together!! they are meant to be together!!!

I have heard this all before,my opiuon is that it is all bull.I have heard 5 different stories in the past 4 years.I just recieved an e-mail saying that he'll never find love because of his success and his off on a world tour no time for love,and no mention of him wanting to get back with her,only talking about their past relationship.
A week ago I heard he was wanting to get back with a previous lover and her name was'nt denise.
You can never believe what you read.

...but by sayin what yur sayin Julie, I guess you ARE believin wot you read. Just stay open minded about it.

I think I will stick with hoping they do get back together, cos they both seemed proper happy together and they're both as crazy as each other. I know you should never trust the papers 100% but I want this one to be true!

yeah,whatever makes you happy jay!!women really rule the world..

like julie says this story has been round the block so many times who knows whats going on, but hey being happy is the most important thing so go jay!!

I cant believe you would even say something like this !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

jay deserves to b happy! n if this is wi denise go 4 it! she is one lucky girl!!!!!!

I have a poll on the jamirox forum regarding this topic have a look and cast your vote, Personally I think if it makes Jay happy then thats all I need to hear.

I'm sorry to say this - but it's VIRTUALLY stupid for Jay not getting back together with Denise.

I think it's a waste of time too.They have been broken up for nearly 5 years,dont you think if it was going to happen ,it would of happened by now.
I think its the media that's infatuated with their relationship.
Jays happiness is important,but I say go forward to the furture,why go backwards for.Dont live in the past.
New life,new beginnings.His over come his drug habbit,and there's alot of happiness for him in the future maybe with someone else.
And no I dont believe what the media says,and I never said that,all Im saying is there's alot of the same stories going around time and time again.The media's making out that his some sort of desperato.

Sorry Jay but If you are still in love with Denise, keep the good memories deep in your heart and try to live your life now. You know, Love comes when you're not waiting for...Remember Jay: "Now I have all my life in front of me, now my darkness are trouble free, there are so many wondrous things for you to see..."

Te amo Jay kay las mexicanas somos mnuy tiernas , cariñosas y ademas muy comprensivas en tu trabajo te amo Jay kay smuack!!!!!!!!!!

If Jay and Denise love each other, why are they not
together right now? I think it's just an excuse , busy work makes Jay find a right women. Once a couple breaks up, it's very hard to get back togher as good as they used to be. Wake up! Jay! I can tell you it's a waste of time,'cause 'Time won't wait for you'.

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