Australian Seven Days release not in June!

Added on Monday 05 September 2005, 12:06 (BST)
Seven Days Australian artwork

Seven Days has now been released as a single in Australia (5 September), and is called "Seven Days" and not "Seven Days In Sunny June" - probably because in the southern hemisphere, June is winter-time, and not very sunny!

Nowhere on the CD or packaging does it refer to "In Sunny June".  The track listing is identical to the UK maxi release (original version, Steve Mac, Oliver Lang and Blackbeard remixes), but with the shortened title and different catalogue number (676043 2).  Australian music video show Rage lists the track as Seven Days, so it is clear that Seven Days was re-titled for the Australian market...

Credit: Andrew Moulton

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i actually bought mine a few days b4 the 5th i saw it and went wtf! and grabbed it!

jamiroquai's the best its good music i dont have to its just the bom i love it.
i wish you good luck,on tour and other stuf.ciao

? r u commenting on the right thing dominique?

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