Australian tour - all dates announced

Added on Friday 26 August 2005, 09:52 (BST)

Sony BMG Australia has announced all the details of the upcoming Australian tour, which are as follows:

  • Friday 25 November - Melbourne, Myer Music Bowl - Ticketmaster 136 100
  • Tuesday 29 November - Canberra, AIS - Ticketek 132 849
  • Wednesday 30 November - Newcastle, Entertainment Centre - Ticketek 132 849
  • Saturday 3 December - Sydney, Centennial Park - Ticketmaster 136 100
  • Tuesday 6 December - Brisbane, River Stage - Ticketek 132 849
  • Thursday 8 December - Adelaide, Memorial Drive - Venuetix 8225 8888
  • Saturday 10 December - Perth, Supreme Court Gardens - Ticketmaster 136 100
There will be an exclusive VISA Entertainment pre-sale from Monday, September 5, with tickets on sale September 16.

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Yeah!!! Woohoo! I'm sooo excited! Never seen them live before, it's gonna be awesome I know it! So glad that they included Adelaide on the tour too! Another reason to look forward to Summer!

Now if only we can get some US dates (official) /=(

^^i agree. i am happy for australia fans. but i agree with you. patience. *sigh* :)

ahh this is awwsum news! :)

i wonder why centennial park for sydney show tho? hmm

still wooo :)

Where are you from in the U.S.? Im from Minneapolis.

Catman and Pietro,
I wish I could join you guys for a gig "Down Under" but time and funds won't allow it. Hopefully a follow-up tour in '06? Peace!

i am in philadelphia, pennsylvania. but i've saved up my vacation days and some money to travel when jamiroquai come to the usa, so i might be out your way..we'll see :)[email protected]

Hooray! I'm stoked! XD

Ok, this is nice and all but, what about some US dates? I mean come on. They already have Japan and Australia done. What about the US!!! We love Jamiroquai too.

YES YES YES!! Saw the Funk Odyessy tour in Adelaide, South Australia in 02 and it Blew my Mind....Can't wait till summer, what a christmas present!!!

fantastic! i was a tad worried they might not include australia this time around... YEAH!!! seen them twice before, totally blew my mind. BEST live band ive ever seen. XX cant wait..

wow, great news for we all! First of all I'm happy for you aussies, and also because this really is a world tour, what increases the chances of some South American dates.

yes i´ve been waiting so long to see jamiroquai in mexico but they never come, what happens to you guys? latinoamericans fans wanna see you too
PS so cool for the australians you guys are so lucky :D

Awesome. Just awesome. Saw them at Vibes about 3 years ago in Brissy, and then again at the end of that year at the Bris entertainment centre - and YES YES YES, I'M GETTING $2000 in a week so I'ma gonna buy those tickets asap!!!!!

Funk on!

:) :) :) :) ;)

Yay!!.. Supreme Court [email protected]@!! We will have to behave ourselves !!.. can't wait..

Yes,Yes, Yes

Im soooooooooo excited.Im from melbounre and I went to check out ticket master on the web site,but there's no mention of JAMIROQUAI.I better hurry up and find out about it,5 september they go on sale.

yeh julie ... ahhh ticketmaster work! setepmber 5th presale wooo

yay! myer music bowl tho, that sucks. hope tix aren't too expensive, but i'm kind of expecting them to be like $90. any know anything about prices?

great news, hope we can get together with jay & mark after the show. good night last time . see ya.

yehh... cannot wait for this ey!!!!

i rekon $90 for the tickets aswell!

whois goin to the sydney show?

I would love to see them in Brisbane, i hope i dont have an exam on that day.


I'm thinkin of catchin the Sydney show just in case they cancel on Perth - lot of moolah to save & burn!

lt'll totally be worth it tho, Can't wait - saw them at vibes and it was brill!!

I rekon they r gonna make the sydney show into a music fesitval (hence being held at centennial Park). And im betting that they are goin to have a 2nd show as well on the Saturday night.
Cant wait - its been a long 3yrs since they were last in Australia

Brilliant.... :) I'm off to Foo Fighters on Thursday 1st, then this on Friday 2nd (sydney).... anyone else doing the same thing? msn is [email protected]

oh no... ive been looking forward to jamiroquai hitting brisbane shores for so long but im gonna be leaving the country by the time the 6th comes around. im so disappointed!

What is the correct date for the Sydney concert? YOur site says Friday December 2, Sony BMG's site says Saturday December 3?

yeeeeeaahhhh I am from Switzerland but I work and live in Perth till end of January and now I can go and watch Jamiroquai...that's great...I will miss all 3 concerts that Jay Kay plays in Switzerland but now I can see them in Perth...even better... ;-))

Wow I am so stoked they are touring. Yeehah. Haven't seen them before but been hanging out waiting for a tour. Hopefully they are touring on Friday 2nd December so I can then go to Homebake on the 3rd!! Wahooooooo!

jamiroquai at riverstage in 2002 vibes was the best day ever, most energetic performance ever .... iam so glad to hear they are playing at the riverstage again because you are right there and if you are lucky enough you might just get to give jay kay a big high five like i did ,however ill be out of the country by the 6th december, so jamiroquai please do the south america tour too PLEASE.....

wow!!! thats where im seeing jamrioquai at riverstage... imm so damn excited!!

WOW new sydney date is 3rd december not 2nd! :O

I'm not sure why I'd originally put Friday 2nd December. Anyway, I have now updated the news item to match what is at Sony BMG website - Saturday 3rd December.

Thanks for updating the site re concert Sydney! Any chance anyone knows what the ticket prices are?? :o)

As they say... "THEY'RE BAAACCK!"

Very excited right now. My g/f is telling me to calm down. We're both heading up to work on Dunk Island, but i'll be coming home for the Sydney concert definately and probably make my way up for the Brissy concert, then back up to Dunk to work. What a life i lead... someone has to do it.
MSN me @ [email protected]

I think the tickets will be around $80, like last time. I'm glad the concert won't be at Ent. Cent. (SYD) like last time... it has bad acoustics. The Horden Concert they played was kick ass... and of course, the Opera House Steps!
Oh man, too excited to think! Going to have a coffee to CALM DOWN LOL!


wooo hooo saw them last time they were in perth and can't wait for the summer.. hope i get a chance to meet some of the band and show off my buffalo man tattoo

what an awesome week it's gonna be for music in perth too...
foo foghters and oasis at rock-it the weekend before..then motley crue an motorhead on the saturday and JAMIROQUAI on the sunday... it'll be an expensive week for me

Thanks for the ticket info nathan - I'd assumed it was about the same price as last time. I agree the concert at the Horden rocked, Ent Centre wasn't as good...the best concert I've been to was the 1999 Synkronized tour at Wembly Arena :o)

i rekon sydney tickets might be $90 meybe $100 becoz of the venue... centennial park events always seem to be $90-$110 so lets c....

I'm really looking forward to the shoow at centenial park.. we have a few dedicated fans going too... so \i need to know the pricing! Saw Jam in 2002 in Melbourne lost my voice from all the singing and exhausted myself from all the dancing! Can't wait! :)

hey come visiit so we can organise sydney meetup yeh! :)

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