BBC Radio 1 live session

Added on Friday 12 August 2005, 13:33 (BST)
BBC Radio 1 today (Friday) broadcast a live session with Jamiroquai, where they performed Love Foolosophy and Seven Days In Sunny June.  The tracks, interview and a gallery of photos can be seen and heard at the BBC Radio 1 website.

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I heard it and all i can say was that it was brilliant. Jay was on top form and so was the band- wish i was at the gig last nite and the appearance at the Carphone warehouse. At the last minute i was stopped from going-so unfair!!!!!!!!!!!

Soooo nice!

appearence on live seesions was brill! shame didnt sing any more songs! but the whole band was on top form! well gutted didnt get to the concert and carphone warehouse!

yea, i just listened to it, top notch stuff, and i think sarah has the hots for jay... lol! and it was great at the carphone warehouse! i was 11th in queue to see him and derrick

haha,i spent most of my precious worktime,when i shouldve been looking for important notes for kids that are ill,( i work in a childrens hospital!),gettin ready 2 tape master Jay...wish he sung 'Space Cowboy'..but '7 Days' is a corker of a far up Jays behind was Sarah Cox?geez....

One word: BRILLIANT!!! Amazing acoustic version of love fool. Seven days rocks too. And Jay's voice, close to 99's songs. Jamiroquai, the real musician!!!


wow what a great version of Love Foolosophy!
David, will you put them as downloads???

thx, Ak

yer plz put them on the downloadz section david

i herd it!!! loved love foolosophy. jays voice was great!!

Jay and the band sounded indeed on top form, fantastic perfomance of both songs, nice to hear them minus the backing singers, as fantastic as they are it just makes a nice change :) cheers for putting them online David

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