FIFA 2006 and no candyman!

Added on Wednesday 10 August 2005, 21:31 (BST)

In a trailer for the upcoming FIFA 2006 soccer computer game, Jamiroquai's Feels Just Like It Should track is featured, which suggests that it will be one of the tracks included when the game is released later this year.

The trailer for the game which features Jamiroquai can be found at the FIFA 06 website.

Interestingly, during the trailer video the audio is edited as follows: "I'm here to see the" - for some reason (someone probably sees it as a drug reference) they don't say "candy" in the trailer!!!

Credit: Chris Barry

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Perhaps they considered candy as a reference to drugs, it could be viewed that candyman is reffering to a drug dealer thts all i can think

First SDISJ and now this...

I think it's the censorship people that are on drugs =P

lol @ moonshooter.. true.. but yeah when i hear candy i think drugs or a pimp lol

Yeah, it must be drugs! Doh.

I think it's a bit too late to promote this track now!!!! Stupid to edit it out anyway- its got nowt to do with drugs and anyway Jay publically speaks out abou being off the drugs!!!!

This would probally go down in history as worse ever words cencored "candy" and "bomb" *rolls eyes*

Although I also think the edit is just as stupid as the one on SDISJ, making it to the FIFA soundtrack is a great achievement!

I have played all FIFA's since 1995 and they always had kick-ass soundtracks (especially since the PS1 came out, of course).

They picked the appropriate song too. It goes well with the general vibe of FIFA.

FYI they censored The Cranberries ZOMBIE (1994) when 9/11 happened... 2001-

oh god! oops i said "god" someone censor me! hehe! well for Jam to be in the greatest footy game about, its quite an achievement. All hail Jamiroquai

CANDY MAN AS A DRUGREFERENCE??!? come on people! lol

Hmmm...last REAL soccer game I've played was World Cup '02 (I played FIFA Street in college this past year). I'll have to check this one out...great to see JMQ on the soundtrack.

As for the censoring, I don't really care. I've heard worse editing.

i agree with chris about the last part. remember the stuff after janet jackson?

Preaty cool :D , if the song is in the trailer , will be the principal song from the game!

I couldn't be happier with this news. I'm 21 years old and I have played all FIFA games released to date and I am pleased to know that my favourite band Jamiroquai will he part of the EA TRAX section in FIFA 06. I will even add some more Jamiroquai tunes with the game utilities. This just keeps getting better and better!!!
Jamiroquai Rulezzzzzzz!!!
[email protected]

stupid ,dumb ,ridiculuos

yeah so, is they or is they isnt comin to the u.s., and really, whats the deal with postponing the release of dynamite?this forces me to import it off of ebay, which id much rather NOT pay international shipping just to praise the holy grail that is jamir. doesnt J care for us folk across the pond?? and whats up with verona, has that been released in the states? I wouldnt know becuase i bought it off of ebay from austrailia (thank god for zoning cracks for the dvd player)

finally, may we all keep moving and grooving to the sound

peace yall

good but a terrible fottie game

come on just admit pro evo is betta!

in reference to my earlier remarks.

keep moving and grooving to the sounds, even if you illegally import them.

which by the way, is that me rippin off J or or the guy selling them, cuz if its me im sorry, but if its the guy selling them, we should get out the torches and pitchforks and have us a argentina

has the soundtrack for the 06 game being announced yet?

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