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Added on Wednesday 10 August 2005, 07:00 (BST)
Here is a summary of the most recent chart activity for Seven Days In Sunny June - much of it from the current issue of Music Week.
  • In the "Upfront Club Top 40" chart, the single has moved up 4 places to be this week at number 3.
  • In the "Pre-Release Airplay Top 20" chart, which is compiled from airplay of dance records on Capital FM, the Galaxy Network, Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1 and The Vibe radio stations in the UK, Seven Days In Sunny June is a new entry at number 1.  Two weeks ago the single was at number 2 in the chart, and then last week it disappeared completely, and now is a new entry at the top position.  How confusing!
  • On all the UK radio stations monitored 24x7 by Music Control, they registered 1116 plays of Seven Days In Sunny June between 31 July and 6 August.
  • In the "UK Radio Airplay Chart" based on plays between between these same dates, the single is at number 12 - up 5 places from the previous week.
  • In the "Radio Growers" chart, the single is at number 3 (based on the 1116 plays)
  • In the "Independent Local Radio" chart, based on the total number of plays on 46 mainstream local radio stations, the single moved up 11 places to number 14.  During this period it was played 1090 times (last week it was played 743 times).
  • Looking at plays on BBC Radio 1 between 24 and 30 July, the single was played 21 times putting the single at number 8 in their "most played" chart.  During the previous week the single was at number 17 with 16 plays.

Finally here is some information about the video...

  • In the "TV Airplay Chart" (across the same date range), the video was broadcast 269 times and has moved up 20 places in the top 40 to number 16.  Last week the video was a new entry in the top 40 at number 36 (with 269 plays).

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finally some good news abou the dynamite,seven days should have been the first single..

Could It Reach Number 1??????????

We wish it could be number 1 but have u seen the other releases out that week? The biggest challenge seems like McFly as they always sell really well as little girls go out and buy their music for totally non music reasons (u get what i mean), unlike some of us. True music lovers surely must buy SDISJ that week as this song is such a beautiful song musically. Great to know its getting masses of airplay and promotion which should help but bear in mind that Love Foolosophy had the same yet just scrapped into the top 20, as someone else said on this site(soz can't remember who though!!!)

I really thought jamiroquai would of hit #1 in oz but in my oppininon all they did was play feels just like it should 24/7 ateaslt 3-4 times a day and now with the seven days in sunny june single ive seen that ONCE the hole time.....and it was on a adult contemporary channel.. hasnt even got a play in mtv australia and channel v

i'm a little girl and i go out and buy jamiroquai for music reasons and sneer at mcfly in disgust for music+non-music reasons, and i think that if they are the ones that beat jamiroquai at the top spot then they should at least have the decency to learn to sing lol!

Its all about what people get paid and what artists are willing to do to get air time

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