Why'd you have to drop that .... on me

Added on Friday 05 August 2005, 05:58 (BST)

Following the recent terrorist activity in London, Kiss 100 FM have been broadcasting a slightly edited version of Seven Days In Sunny June where the lyrics say "...why'd you have to drop that ____ on me" (i.e., they don't broadcast the word "bomb").

Credit: Sharon Rowe

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Hi there... my first message here, but I enjoy reading everyone's comments. Thumbs up David ;-)
It's funny to hear this version and it does sound very good with that little pause!
Do you think it's Kiss FM that edited the tune or could it come from Sony/Horsenden?

Hola Sharon.

In my opinion maybe a good decision from Kiss-FM for deference to the victims. Also I ask myself if the terrorism can leave us liberty.

I like so much the album Dynamite but when I know the title in the begining, I think "Is not a good title in the actually word".

Today I´m goim to Mijas for my 3th concert in this tour. A question: say jay "bomb when he pley SDISJ???

Wait and see... PEACE AND LOVE

The same has been going on regarding Galaxy 105 FM in
Yorkshire and Manchester and Viking FM in Hull. I can understand why in London but up north it doesn't make sense so much. And its not all the radio stations for example, Radio 1 is in London and was almost hit by the attempted bombs in Shepards Bush but they still play it un-edited.Also Radio Aire in Leeds, where the bombers came from, doesn't play the edited version either.

it's totally absurd to edit any word from this song (and i must say from any song)
why to cut the word bomb? people will be scared?to don't give credit to the bombings?
totally absurd the word will exist anyway and the bombs itslefs too


I agree, there's no point i it and it won't stop terrorism. There's worse out there in music, just look at Eminem's new song- why don't they edit that out? In the context the word is used it has no offence at all or relevance.

this is started with editing space cowboy,instead of cheeba there was freeba,now this..

I agree, I don't think its really necesary to alter the song. I never once related this song to the London bombs after hearing the word 'bomb' in the song, and there is certainly no way I would be offended by it.

wow...thats really sad. Its so incredibly wrong I dont have the words to put to it. Granted here in the us they started removing images of the twin towers from everything, but we never started editing lyrics to music. Especially when its obvious the "bomb" jay refers to has nothing to do with the kind that kills. *shakes head* this world gets closer and closer killing freedom everyday.

Mm'yeah, that's pretty dumb. Brits have shown they're absolutely not afraid so I don't see the point of this ridiculous edit.

yea, it is really stupid, i mean, for gods sake! it's not even a REAL bomb he's alking about! it's bloody metaphorical! stupid people....

soz i meant to say blooming, not bl**dy, sorry dave! :)

I agree with all you comments! Why do they blame artist for making music? It's strange... Anyway, We live in a crazy world like "someone" said. Bye Everybody and don't forget, the remedy is in the sound!!!

Crazy o_o
If people have actually reported being upset after hearing the lyric I could understand...but would anyone actually do that? The good vibes of the song remove any sinister meaning that people might be looking for in my opinion. As Cosmic Girl said, why censor this when some rappers are swearing every couple of seconds in their songs, which I've heard being played completely uncensored in the middle of the day at times. Strange...

In Germany radio stations stopped broadcasting songs including the word "wave" after the Tsunami around christmas time. It's realy absurd!

I just gotta add that some stations who edit the "bomb" word out, such as Galaxy 105 in Yorkshire totally spoil the whole song as they put the last line back on it- "Drinking wine and killing time.....". There's no point to it.

quite all right, but please do not swear, it's very rude, and young people visit this site, so don't do it! (wags finger st i changed my bad word to blooming, but i agree with your opinion on that fatc it is a song about love

sorry, i copy bad your words michelle
is blooming methaporical.
is truth, the song talk about the love and the line is a deep methaphoric if u think...why'd you have to frop that bomb on me really is like you say''why you drop that shit on me''.
obviusly talks about the troubles in the relationships.
and obviusly all have this troubles
i hope in argentina the song in radios and tv dont have the song.

Stupid edit, I mean, editing cheeba was alright because in the UK it could've enticed youngsters to take maryjane but in the states NOBODY knows what cheeba means, still they edited, what's funny is that the word bomb itself has many meanings but it's so stupid to edit terrorists would listen to jamiroquai?

I think that deleting out the word bomb is stupid and
my son was watching Tazmania and in the cartoon it had
a bomb Why dont they ban that ?

There is no point to censoring it because people are gonna hear it and somebody will say "What word did they bleep out there?" And somebody who is more up to date with jamiroquai will say "bomb" so it really has no effect what so ever

The song was written before the bombings. It had NOTHING to do with the bombings. It is a figure of speech, a metaphor for a situation. This is just people reacting to fear and paranoia, and making an even BIGGER deal out of something than if they had have left the word in there. This edit actually draws attention to the word, which is quite ridiculous, Go figure.

to sum up what has been said here already 'stupid prats!'

Oh for crying out loud. Saddest stuff I've ever heard. Why does this keep happening? Do the record stations feel there's risk of litigation? PC is not the word. Pathetic Crises maybe.

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