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Added on Sunday 24 July 2005, 18:23 (BST)
Jamiroquai - Milan 2001 has added a special section on their website to celebrate the arrival of Jamiroquai in Spain today (Sunday 24 July).  Jamiroquai will be playing seven concerts in Spain from now until 6 August.

On the los40 website you'll find 20, yes twenty full length Jamiroquai videos to watch in a range of different quality settings, including a 14 minute clip of 2001 and Cosmic Girl recorded live at the FilaForum in Milan on 12 October 2001.

Credit: Lola Caballero

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they are great!!! But isn't it possible to download them?

Anthony: you should be able to download the videos. Just run a search on google and you should find the answers you require.

I've tried by choosing "save as" from the mediaplayer menu while reproducing but is not possible.. I'll try by searching on google then. Thanks a lot

have you tried right clicking on the links and pressing "save target..."

ignore my comment above if you want to download them right click on them click on copy shortcut then paste in to you documents or where ever you want them doesn't work!! I've tried at the begining with right click... I think they are locked by the site.... I'll try by searching them on another one!

You'll need a media stream recorder in order to save them to your hard-drive. I'm using the freeware GetASFStream, and it's clockwork. As Anonymous said, just do a little googling, and you'll be safe...

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