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Added on Wednesday 13 July 2005, 17:44 (UTC)

Well, Jamiroquai - The Funkin Site has done it again - reached another birthday.  As of today (Wednesday 13 July) the site has been running for 9 years. 

After an album is released and touring has stopped, I always think to myself (normally when looking at the number of messages in my inbox), "why do I still do this?"  There are times when I cannot motivate myself to keep the site going, but as soon as things started gearing up for the release of Dynamite, my enthusiasm for Jamiroquai and this site came back - more so than ever before.

During the past year there have been a few changes to this site, notably the re-design that launched in May.  I'm really happy with it and from the emails and comments received and I think most of you are too.  I'm still waiting for someone to take the guitar tabs and give them the attention they deserve; I want to get the voting added again and also put lyrics online, but overall I'm really happy with how things currently are.  Only last week I added a new live photo gallery which I've wanted to do for years but never got around to doing it.  The RSS XML newsfeed is getting more and more popular by the day and for the past three months has been number 1 ranked at Google!

The past 8 months have been unbelievably exciting for me with regard to my involvement with the official site.  I contributed a little back in 1999 when Synkronized came out but this time I've had a lot more involvement with regard to getting news etc. onto and keeping the fanbase informed on things that are happening.  I've been given the opportunity to take my camera to as many gigs that I can go to and have got photos and information onto the official site which would never have been seen otherwise.  The culmination of my involvement was rewarded with a thank you in the Dynamite CD booklet, which I'm very proud of.

I have to close off by saying that even though I put (far too) many hours of my spare time into the site, it is ultimately you, the people who support the site and keep my inbox full that make it such a great resource for so many fans.  Along with some of the other fan sites out there, and after hanging out with some fellow friends, fans and site webmasters during the recent London gig (and in Paris in May), I think this community rocks.

See you next year. 

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