SDISJ and FJLIS UK airplay updates

Added on Tuesday 12 July 2005, 22:09 (UTC)

In the "Pre-Release Airplay Top 20" chart, which is compiled from airplay of dance records on Capital FM, the Galaxy Network, Kiss FM, BBC Radio 1 and The Vibe radio stations in the UK, Seven Days In Sunny June was a new entry at number 17 in the chart dated 10 July.  Two weeks ago (26 June) the track was a new entry in the same pre-release chart at number 9, then it dropped out of the chart last week, and has now returned.

In the week before Feels Just Like It Should was dropped from the BBC Radio 1 playlist and replaced by Seven Days (3-9 July), BBC Radio 1 played Feels Just Like It Should 18 times, which meant that it was the 12th most played song on the station.

Both charts are compiled by Music Control and published in Music Week.

Additionally, Seven Days is currently on both the Capital FM and Kiss FM playlists. 

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