Dynamite Japanese track listing

Added on Monday 23 May 2005, 15:07 (UTC)

Sony Music Japan have announced the track listing for the Japanese release of Dynamite.  It is as follows:

  1. Feels Just Like It Should
  2. Dynamite
  3. Seven Days In Sunny June
  4. Electric Mistress
  5. Starchild
  6. Love Blind
  7. Talullah
  8. Give Hate A Chance
  9. World That He Wants
  10. Black Devil Car
  11. Hot Tequila Brown
  12. Time Won't Wait
  13. Feel So Good (Knee Deep Remix)

So, the differences are as follows - "Beatbox" does not make it onto the Japanese release (although I'm guessing that it will be there as a hidden track), and the bonus track is the Knee Deep remix of "Feel So Good", which is one of the tracks on the UK single release of Feels Just Like It Should.

Dynamite is released in Japan on 15 June. 

Credit: Yukito Inoue

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